Three Why's Eels

1. Why do we give our winger ball and they have 4 to beat and get smashed over the sideline. Both Fergo and Sivo are good finishers and score if given half a chance, they are just not given that chance. Why are we not creating more room for them. Believe some posters have touched on this? Not just Moses fault - he was playing straight and digging into the line against the Panthers.


2. Why do we not have a plan of attack when the opposition gets up fast giving our attack no room? Opposition have been doing this for years and we still seem to have no answer.


3. Why did Moses/Matterson switch with Brown/Lane? Like that we are trying new stuff but why the switch? Is Brown being given teh better side for a right footer or is he being asked to do more of the play making?

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  • BTW - IMO the key to Panther's is Api K. Have lots of good players but would not look as good as they do without Api

  • Why Coyote do you not get a second job to fill in your spare time ? Lol 

    • Way ahead of you- Already have 5 jobs

  • 1. Because we have no threat in the middle, Reed does not engage their defence, offers nothing in attack, therefore they can spread their defence wider.

    2. Refer to option 1. 

    3. Because the game was a trial, this is the best time to try these things.

    • Re 1. Agree this is one reason but why not do something about it. It has been that way for years

    • Re 2. 
      Coach should be addressing this. And not just Mahoney. There are other strategies to get round it

    • Very true.

  • Watch the Charity Shield to see how a backline should operate. 
    Right to Left. 
    Backline is set deep 
    Reynolds- plays unders, runs to the inside shoulder and passes  back (not sideways) to Walker.
    Walker - also runs to the inside shoulder (unders line) and passes out the back (not sideways) to Latrell.
    Now we have a 3 on 3 but with plenty of room and the defence either sliding or retreating. From there it's just instinctive players with ball in hand toying with the opposition who by now are struggling to contain the Rabbits backs.
    It's all executed at pace, lines are simple but well rehearsed and it's all designed to give the outside men space. It's so simple and so effective. 

    Compare that to our right to left. 
    Moses runs 45 degrees, passes to Brown who's also running at 45 degrees, either hit Matto or cutout directly to Waqa also running at 45 degrees and then maybe to Fergo who by now is standing in row 6. Because this movement runs out of room and is easy for the defence to slide against it invariably breaks down with dropped ball under pressure or into touch. 
    Im not a NRL Coach's backside but for the life of me I just don't get it. If a numpty like me can see this why can't our highly paid coaching staff, players etc. IT'S NOT THAT HARD!!

    • The first 3 tries was a  backline master class, I was watching with amazement and jealousy 

      • Souths have the best backline in the comp. and it's not due to individual brilliance or crazy plays, it's just basic backline play that creates space and therefore opportunities for their outside men. 

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