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This is not meant to be binding but we need to see what numbers actually exist on this idea. There's been the discussion blog, so now let's work on those numbers. This is not a discussion. Do not reply with questions or negative responses. Of course there are huge legalities and administrative considerations. It may not even be possible. But to see if Snappers idea has real legs, let's just get numbers here and give it the proverbial "I'm in" if you would support the concept.
If we get enough pages of "I'm in", then it may be worthwhile to take the idea to the next level. Without getting these ballpark numbers, there's not much point in further discussion.
So, let's go with the following:
$100 per year for 2 years.
If we only get around 100 responses, that's $10000 which is nowhere near enough. On these figures we will need 500 to 1000 responses to even consider getting serious.
Again, just a simple response.
I'm in.

*1Eyed Eel edit* - for anyone coming late to the party here is the original blog and my proposal for getting this up and running ASAP.

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