We can win all our remaining games v

Knights @ Home 

Titans @ Cshit

Dogs @ Home

Broncos @ Suncorp

Manly @ Home


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  • Think we will still miss the last one Manly are a really good side ATM. I think Rabbits will miss Top 4.

    If we dont put 20 on Titains were sh!t

    • It's a different ball game when we bring our A game which we all got a taste of with the intense, fast and ferosity of Evans and co hitting real hard in the first 20 minutes.

      We have Ray Stone who is an absolute brute of a mongrel still to unleash if he is ready and then there is two very big mobile bodies in Otoikamanu & Kaufusi, if we can help them get "right" between the ears too.

      Otherwise we are relying on rejuvinated Mannah, Terepo and Alvarop coming from Wenty Hell.

      I really think that we will thrash Manly and that the Kinights will also get thrashed this Sat arvo and we go on to belt the Titans, Dogs, Broncos & then Manly.

      We are now on another huge end of season roll into the finals and we will get stronger with every game. We are the real dark horse and not the Sharks. 

      • the form guide says otherwise, what makes you think we can thrash Manly? they play the storm twice and will be battle hardened by the time they meet us! Manly are a serious footy team and we have put in 1 solid defensive display against a team playing with no confidence in 14th position 

        • Who says we can't? Since when has the form guide picked every winner known to all form guides since they first appeared long ago?? Remember Tigers defeating Souths in the 69 GF???? 

          • I was born after 69, but cool story! lol

              • Possibly the greatest upset in RL History.

                It was a MASSIVE UPSET



                Directly after the St George era of winning 11 premierships in a row, Souths appeared at their peak 1967 to 1971 with 5 Grand Finals in a row losing only to the Tigers in 1969. 

                Souths magnificent squad 1967-1971 

                Kevin Longbottom
                Brian James
                Eric Simms
                Bob Moses
                Michael Cleary
                Jim Lisle
                Ivan Jones
                John Sattler (c)
                Elwyn Walters
                John O'Neill
                Bob McCarthy
                Alan Scott
                Ron Coote
                George Piggins
                Michael Cleary
                Bob Honan
                Arthur Branighan
                Denis Pittard
                Bob Grant
                Jim Morgan
                Paul Sait
                Kerry Burke
                Arthur Branighan
                Gary Stevens
                Keith Edwards 
  • having a unicorn moment frogga? wake me up when we win a GF...

    • Enjoy the journey of discovering your pessimism, doubt, distrust and negativity and do let me know when you do have those intense exhilirating moments celebrating our boys over the coming few months. Please don't tell me that your pride will be getting in the way bro and not share those moments with us here in this forum. It's not just about the GF, it's about the journey of arriving to it by the attitude we now play and train each week, each day, each moment by moment. If we are willing to put everything on the line, body, pain and all, with no fear of injuries, any team can be beaten on any given day and this is what I'm predicting as we brutalise our way intio the GF this season with our boys confidence growing each week. Just remember what happened v Storm in Melb 2017 and GF 2019 & in the 2006 and 2007 finals because a massive payback is on the way to Cameron Smith, Craig Bellamy and co, NRL and News Fucking Limited. 

      • love the passion choclate, akin to war cry or braveheart speech! lol  winning  the title is the ulimate feeling for a fan I;m hoping the team can build on what we saw on the first half, nothing beats aggression and intimidation coupled with footy smarts, we have 5 weeks to tune things up and head into the finals with some confidence - beating Manly by 1 point would get me excited at that point the top teams will then take us seriously 

        • Agreed, except that I feel we are coming into peak condition at the right time of the season while other teams above and below us on the ladder will start to wane, particularly Manly and the Rabbits. Whether we win by 24+ or by 1, we will give Manly a brutal flogging @ Parra Stadioum.  

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