The Return Of Joey Lussick

I'm of the understanding that Joey Lussick has an NRL get out clause in his contract with St Helens.

During his time filling in I thought he added great service and had some dynamic runs form dummy half.

He'd slot straight back into the team and fit in well with his old team mates.

Would you take him back?
What's your preferred hooker choice with who we currently have?
Who would you like us to get considering we've only put a max $600k value on the Hooker position?

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    • I agree. His game against Melbourne trumps any game I've seen Reed play. 

      • I agree too - and there's plenty worse than Mitch Rein going around. I'm confident BA could get the best out of Rein in '22 should Mahoney be offloaded early..

  • Let's just leave it to the club shall we?

    Im sure they will have a very good 9 when the season commences.

    Totally over the dumbass panic regarding players going. It happens.

  • Would love to have Lussick back for 2023. He did a great job for us this year

  • We better be on the phone to Lussick, Brandon Smith and Korosau right bloody now. I am beyond irate at the club for letting Reed go.

  • I don't think he's the answer.

    • He is better than Rein.

  • Joey Lussick isnt the answer for god sake. 
    A solid bloke but no creative number 9 in the fulltime role. There is a reason he is in the UK with no NRL offers. Just because he has worn a blue and gold jersey before dosnt mean he should be the first considered to join us.

    I cant see us signing anyone of note with the form on the board in the number 9 role. Our recruitment team and list manager have made a statement, they are not going to go over $500k for a number 9. Otherwise we would still have Reed.

  • Lussick is a winner

  • Lussick is like Rein, a poor mans hooker. We wont get Smith unfortunately so give Hands a few games next season and see how he goes. Never know may just be the next big thing.

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