The reason we lost the last two games!!!

JARRYD Hayne has always thought big — and now he’s living it large with Superbowl champions, the Seattle Seahawks.The Eels skipper got the jump on his teammates this week, crossing the Pacific for a personal tour of NFL and College football powerhouses in Washington State.A certain selection for the Kangaroos Four Nations squad, Hayne was unable to join Parramatta’s entire squad on their prearranged trip to Seattle, which will double as their return to training in the first week of November.Kangaroos commitments means Hayne is taking the trip before his teammates. Source: News Corp AustraliaRealising he would miss the opportunity of a lifetime, Hayne approached Eels CEO Scott Seward on Monday to see if he could go alone this week.He boarded a plane to Los Angeles on Wednesday.“Jarryd approached the club and said he didn’t want to miss out. It was pretty hectic, but luckily we had the contacts and that came into play,” Seward said.“He wants to go over there, see what they have to offer and be in peak condition for the Four Nations tournament.”

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  • I don't understand your point? Are you saying he had other things on his mind? Are you saying he threw the last 2 games to visit the States earlier?

  • Bingo....btw you said it not me
    • hahahah I doubt that.

    • Fucking hell I have read some stupid things on here but this takes the cake for sure. Get off the drugs while you still might have a chance to save a bit of your brain.
  • Playne to see. They had holidays booked to avoid playoffs.
    Come on now im just messing with you.
    911 was an inside job. Stop it my insides hurt.
  • We lost the last two games because Parramatta aren't anywhere near as good we think. If Hayne turns off we have nothing.
    And judging by the poor recruitment so far for 2015 it ain't gonna get any better anytime soon.
    Hayne will need to win the Dally M again next year for us to run deep.
    •  I am with you there 100% Frank--right on the money. I used your wonderful phase yesterday---Delusional Optimist---too good to lay dormant for any length of time! I hereby give rightful attribution to you.

    • Frank, even that wasn't the real reason we lost those games. Trust me, the answer is along those lines but not quite it.
  • Are you taking the piss?
  • Is this going to be another "Let's blame Hayne for all of our problems" blog?

This reply was deleted.

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