The Premiership contenders

Past the halfway post of the season i think this season can ony be won by one of theses 5 teams. 

Panthers- The benchmark team young tough and fearless 

Roosters- the squad alone says they should plus they know how to build into finals footy.

Storm- September specialists they are going along almost under the radar capable of beating everyone 

Sharks- second best attack in the comp can score a try from anywhere and with Johnson in career best form.

The Mighty Eels- it feels good to be part of the premiership talk team that on form and with confidence who knows what they can do?


Games like today are important in building our credentials we can't afford to drop winnable games if we want to be serious contenders 

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  • Sharks are pretenders have the easiest draw by a mile and beaten no one of note. Fully fit raiders and manly still capable.

    • Manly? Mate, did you watch them yesterday? They played like a bunch of teenagers, blindfolded!

  • Storm Roosters Eels that's it.  Nobody else can win it.


  • The Storm are the benchmark follow up by the Roosters, Panther's have beaten both the Storm and the Roosters - Canberra have beaten the Storm and the Roosters this season, so based on that we sit in 5th position that could change if we beat the Storm in round 15 this game needs a grand final type preparation. 

  • I can't agree on the Sharks, yes they have points in them, but they're defence leaks like a sieve. They've got some terrific young talent there, and SJ is back to something close to his best, but they aren't a contender this year.

    I still think the Panthers have some issues with their defence, and whilst they look impressive at the moment, they aren't really playing anyone. This team could be a repeat of the '01 Eels or the '05 Tigers. We'll find out in October.

    The Roosters are in a bit of a fallow at the moment, but don't be fooled, they are still the team to beat. 

    I still don't see an extra gear in the Storm. Cam Smith is having to do more than ever and it's in the playoffs that it will be exposed. That said, they could just as easily win the minor premiership.

    The Eels are right where we need to be at the turn, right on the shoulder of the leaders, just quietly collecting wins, not really flying but just getting it done. Unlike the Storm, we do have an extra gear or two in us. We've still got another 8 rounds to go after today, BA has got them exactly where we want to be.

  • Storm and the Panthers are the bench mark, both are winning ugly in some games and when on song are blowing other teams of the paddock.

    Chooks know how to win finals, and with Kearey, Tedesco and now SBW in there line up will always be a danger.

    The Raiders are missing there 9 as he led them well. Bateman coming back is there X factor could still be the Smokey. 

    The Eels are a little of the pace right now, the next fsw games will show if we are a grandfinal team. We need to blow the Dogs off the park with a strong game and play the full 80, and then beat the Storm. We still have a few games to build momentum and be firing finals time.

    • Good post Graham, I think your analysis is on the mark. 

      Any one writing off Penrith after last night were not watching!

    • We're not off the pace, we are exactly where we need to be. The next few rounds won't show if we are GF team, the Preliminary Final, assuming we make it that far we'll show if we are a GF team. The middle part of the season is about quietly collecting wins however you can get them to position yourself come the pointy end of the season. If the finals started next week you might be right, but they don't. Let the Storm & Panthers blow their load in July / August, we'll just pick up wins on a consistent basis.

      For all the Storm & Panthers current hot form, we are right there with them.

      • I thought so to Brett, untill the Tigers game. GJ makes a error, tiges score easey try. Then they score at the end of the game. You can come up with all the excuses but the Eels are struggling to shut teams down.

        Ya need to be firing going into the prelims, not when you get there. 

        The Pennys showed last night and i predict the Storm will show today where teams need to be at. And both may have 5/10% improvement in them, only they know that answer.

        As i stated we have a few games to start getting it right, starting today.


        • Yes, but there are still 8 rounds to go, that’s an eternity, especially this season. In a normal season with byes & Origin the contending teams would only now be starting to gear up for the stretch run. The next 2-4 weeks will see the real contenders emerge. That’s not to say the Panthers aren’t going to be, all I’m saying is that they aren’t because of their current form. 

          We are running on about 80% right now, and that’s enough to keep ticking off the wins right now. The Panthers are hot right now, but it’s hard to keep that going for another 12 weeks. 

          Timing is everything, especially this season. 

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