The Parramatta 'Jersey"

Just wondering how everyone preceives  the "New Jersey " to look now after we have made the Semi's and creating a record along the way

with the highest score ever in a Semi Final like we did against the Broncos.

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  • Always liked it


  • As a jersey it’s ok. But that’s not the Parramatta Eels. The uniform they wore for opening day at the Stadium is Parra through and through. 

  • I like stripes as long as they are blue and gold stripes. It’s what those wearing them do that counts. 

  • Gees, this has never been discussed at all, like really?  I personally don't like it, I agree with Muttman the opening day jersery or something similar us us, not this plain jane jersey.  That said, who cares if we win.

    • I am not embarrased by their jersey.

      The pathetic campaign made about it was much more embarrassing.

      • What campaign Poppa?  All I saw was people that didn't like it expressing their opinion.

        • Bingo

        • The answer is in this thread EE, if you didn't was a fcuking campaign, trust me on it!

  • Hate it, the white shorts look garbage too, much prefer the strip we opened the ground with.

  • Hate it but as long as they keep winning in it I really couldn't give a toss.

    They can play in a clown costume for all I care as long as they keep winning.

    Just don't wear the clown costume against the Broncos as the uniforms will clash.

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