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Time to settle it once and for all. Which Eel will come out on top in 1 Eyed Eel's Parramatta Greatest of All Time competition.

The bracket is below. We will start with two votes each day for the first round. Dropping to one vote per day for the following rounds.




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                  • 100% correct Pops , Hindmarsh was a bum compared to Ray Price in every facet of the game .


                    Price was the definition of mental toughness , he was a winner  who knew exactly what it took to win and he was was of the greatest Captains who was a inspiration to all his tesm mates



                    Hindmarsh was the quintessential definition of mental weakness .


                    He never knew what it took to win and he always buckled under pressure as history shows . 


                    It is no coincidence that since Ray Price's retirement the club has had a loosing mentality .


                    Hindmarsh was no doubt a fine player but apart from 2 seasons he was just a tracking machine and nothing more , he is no better than what Mark Laurie was . 

                • I guess people will look at it all how they choose Super. My point for Price is his impact on the team and his legacy on those players. It is like how players have mentioned similar traits about playing with Cronin. 

                  Hindmarsh had all those awards - yes absolutely tough as, but nowhere in my view the impact as players such as price. I would say even guys like Dean Pay maybe had a stronger impact, and thats just my view.

                  • I just don't understand the people who do not appreciate Price's greatness.....Jesus, Brett didn't even have him as our best lock ....our second best lock was Ron Lynch who was the understudy to Johnny one even mentioned him...he was a test player as well.....unfortunately he was in the era of the Thornetts, Hambly, Bugden,  but was the captain in the day that Thornett,Ken arrived and went from being IMO number one to about 4 with those players (except Bugden) ahead of him.

                    NB Aplogies to Vic Hey....never saw him play and a legend. have a look at his BIO if you want to see a good player.

  •  when does the Price/Hindmarsh poll end?

  • After more than 300 votes the two are inseparable. We will go into a runoff vote limited to one vote per person. The voting period will end in 60 minutes.

    Now to understand why there were over 300 votes, this blog has received more than 1,000 page views in the past 24 hours, Facebook itself has generated around 100 visits on its own, with our Facebook followers generally being younger than those on this page.

    As some have pointed out, those under the age of 40 are also unlikely to remember Ray Price playing for the club.

    Your 60 minutes start now. The vote will be closed at 2:36pm AEST.

    • whats this run off bullshit? Hindmarsh was ahead by 8 or 9 last time I looked. So everytime a pole is close you are going to close it and do a 60 minute one? That's dodgier than a Russian polling booth Super! #Kennywillwin

      Not that this poll had much credibility to start with, but Super you've turned this voting process into a farce. For the record I don't care which of Hindy or Price wins. I think the final will be Sterlo vs Kenny. But when you pull this run off bullshit and erase the last 24 hours worth of votes then you are result fixing and cheat!

      • When I went to close the vote they were even. 160 votes each. 


        • can you prove that? cause I've been checking the polls and Hindy was ahead by 10 at 1.18pm. 

          • No, I just replace the embed code and I'm not logged into the poll maker. I was updating the poll at 1.30pm.

        • then leave the vote open an hour longer instead of doing a whole new poll!  #resultfixing

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