The Parramatta GOAT

Time to settle it once and for all. Which Eel will come out on top in 1 Eyed Eel's Parramatta Greatest of All Time competition.

The bracket is below. We will start with two votes each day for the first round. Dropping to one vote per day for the following rounds.


Parramatta GOAT Round 19
Brett Kenny
Semi Radradra
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        • This will bring back memories for you. No rain, cloud and wind in this one though.



        • Even better! Here it is as I remember it pre any tarmac. It was literally a shit storm of dust and rocks every landing and take off


  • Ella v Grothe Snr is a hard one, I went with Grothe because I think he had more big moments than Ella. Unfortunately for Ella he was overshadowed in the limelight by Kenny and Cronin.

    • Speaking of the lads, here they are with Plunket.


      ........ pretty sure that's Snake in the cap..

  • 5242460888?profile=RESIZE_400x

    • Your right, ithought he won....whats the matter with you guys?

      • I'm always right 

    • I'm lucky you can't edit the source code Slugg

  • I voted for Steve Ella. I loved the Guru on the rampage but Zip Zip was the best support player with Terry Lamb in the 80's. Great intuition, great hands, speed to burn and one of the game's gentlemen. Always in the right place at the right time. The Crow and Zip will never be shifted from the centres for Parra's all time best team.

  • I'll be surprised if its not Price v Kenny as the final 2.

    Kenny wins it for me. Greatest 6 the game has ever seen

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