The new rule in NRL is kick do not punch

While I do not agree with the statement that Ricky Stuart has made I have some real issues with the consistency of the NRL. Salmon should have at least been sin binned and should be given 2 weeks for the offence. He kicked the player twice once where it hurts and again directly to the head of the player. These should be regarded as deliberate as you do not accidentally kick out. To just get a fine is a licence to kick instead of punch. Also how does Simms not get sent for his offence? I always hate it when these things occur because the next week there is always a ref over reaction and usually it is Parramatta that cops.

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  • I disagree. I agree with others like Fittler who said it was not even a penalty. Watch the video, the Canberra player is holding him down, slowing down the ruck. Salmon as we see hundreds of times a game was struggling to get up, he did not strike the groin with any force or intention, his shin struk the groin, not his boot, it wasn't a kick as such it was more push up with his leg, unluckily for the Raider, he was straddling Salmoms leg. 
    I do not think he should have even been fined. 
    Simms was bordeline 10 mins or Send off, as there was no swinging arm, the decision for 10 in the bin was understandable


    • Nailed it 

    • That's how I saw it too. I have been wondering what all the fuss is about and what are people seeing that I'm not?.

    • Simms got 3 weeks which says it all should have been a send off. If a player is holding you down and you punch them them then you are binned. Simple do not allow a player to kick out especially twice and with deliberate intent. My point is seems you can kick but not punch.


      • I do not know if any binned player has received longer than a 3 week suspension, so i don't know if your linking the 3 week suspension to a send off is a given. There may be an overlap of suspension periods with binned and sent off players. 

        • Burgess who was the most recent send off got 1 week. Huge inconsistency. What we need to think is when a junior player is watching this kicking is ok punching is not. For me if a player gets 2 weeks or more they should have been sent. The reason is that foul play should be dealt with so that the team fouled is advantaged. Suspending a player after the event favours the team playing the next week. We have a video ref now so the decision is not as difficult as it used to be. Imagine getting to a grand final and Moses is taken out by a Sims style tackle. How we we want that dealt with?

          The video ref should be thinking is the player going to be suspended when they go to the judiciary. (Carry over points should be excluded in this decision). In Simms case this would mean sent off as he should have been.

          • The professional game is very different to the grassroots game. As Gus points out every time, the junior game is as safe as rugby league can make it.

            Have you ever watched an under 10's game for example ?

            I have, and I can tell you it bears virtually no resemblance to an NRL game, or even a Cup game.

            So don't use that "what will little Timmy or little Timmy's mother think" argument, it's simply not valid.

            Tariq Sims' arm was by his side, Connor Treacy was falling into the tackle. It was accidental, at worst careless. I could live with the 10 minutes in the bin, but 3 weeks was over the top and clearly influenced by the fact that Treacy was KO's.

            It should have been one week at the most.

            Jaemon Salmon, nothing to see here, no penalty, and certainly no fine.

      • What do we want from players ?

        This is serious business, they are actually playing for sheep stations, this matters. The NRL is no longer a cute little semi pro suburban competition, it is a trans national, professional premiership played by highly trained, highly motivated, elite athletes who are drilled from day one of their careers to fight for every inch and every millisecond they can. But now people like you want them to curb that instinct, that is both natural & ingrained, to satisfy your sensibilities.

        Not gonna happen.

        Nor should it.

        • I want to watch a football match not wrestling boxing or kick boxing. It is about great skill not brut force. Sure tackle hard but accept the consequence if you get it wrong.


    • Took the words out of my mouth, or off my typing fingers, lol

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