The Latrell Mitchell Interview

Roosters star Latrell Mitchell opens up on a range of issues from his eventful 2019 and his playing future

5 hours ago

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    NRL: Latrell Mitchell future, Roosters contract, Origin, Brad Fittler
    Latrell Mitchell joins to discuss his playing future, State of Origin series and his second straight premiership win.
  • I think Latrell has some serious issues. Not sure he should have done that interview.

    • Well..his asking price would be lower now than it was a few months ago.

      • lol 

  • I think this is a well hatched plan by the Roosters and Mitchell, they will end up re-signing with them for far less money (on the cap) than what he is worth, uncle Nick will look after the rest of it. This is very similar to the James Roberts to Broncos from Titans. Bennett told Roberts to test the market, knowing full well he had already agreed to join the Broncos on far less coin than what he was offered elsewhere. Roosters must have someone big in the pipeline, wouldn't be able to afford if Mitchell signed for his true value.

  • I didn't watch the interview and I don't need to because I wouldn't want him in our team and we don't need him. There's nothing wrong with our backline as is, same goes for our halves.

  • There is absolutely nothing wrong with Latrell. If you don’t agree, ask yourself how you would handle all this at 22...

    He’s an indigenous kid from the country trying to look after himself and his family I suggest a little empathy from all of you. If you think he’s being greedy than you’re an idiot. He should be able to look at his options without the media trying to manipulate his decision and force him into signing less than what he’s worth.

    The Roosters are pulling the string behind this whole media story and all of you are playing along.

    His manager should be doing a much better job than he currently is.

    He’s gonna kill it at fullback just like Inglis did. I love Gutho, but he’s just not the gamebreaker Mitchell is. I’d be moving Gutho to centre and Mitchell to fullback. Wouldn’t pay more than a mil though.

    • There's plenty wrong with Latrell on and off the field in NRL headquarters he's considered the biggest grub in the game. Think about that for a minute considering the moral standing of some individuals in the game and you'll understand why the blokes unsigned.

      • Very interesting reading Bup given some of the rumours that I have heard but would not repeat on here without further evidence.

         I watched the interview late last night but need to watch it again to double check but the way he spoke about Fittler is not good for his SOO future.

        • He’s definitely got some maturing to do, not going to disagree with anyone there... but, ffs he’s 22?!

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