The JAKE debate.

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Poor kid. I feel sorry for him.

His father has thrown him under the bus & again tonight unfortunatley, we all saw Jakobs limited skill set and just how far off the pace he is.

"It's your team: Arthur hands over the Eels' reins to son Jakob"

"Eels coach Brad Arthur says it's the job of his 18 year old son Jakob not Dylan Brown to guide Parramatta in Mitchell Moses' absence"

From the moment his father parachuted Jakob at break neck speed into1st grade, he is open to criticism like any other 1st grade player is.

Young Haze Dunster has been criticised heavily on the site, but not protected because of his surname.

Tonight we saw a physically undeveloped kid, with a very limited skill set trying to "guide" a 1st grade team. Result- We lost to a depleted Raiders side because we through nothing at them in attack.

I ask his father this question- Young Jakob has no speed, no natural ball playing skills or long passing game, unless it is a pedestrian drop-off for a hit up.... why was all the pressure put on Dylan for most of the long kicks? Jakobs kicking game is apparently his strong point.

I am not death riding the kid and put all the blame on his father. He was fast tracked like no other player has been in his fathers 8 years at the helm. 

Sam Walker, Reece Walsh, Joseph Suaalii..... These are the rare talents that get fast tracked into the top grade.

As a side note, I find it concerning that our junior catchment area is confined to the the Rouse Hill Rhinos.

The three debutants this year have been- Jakob Arthur, Will Penisini & Sean Russell.... who all played for the same team at the Rhinos coached by BA. Surely our net is bigger than that?

If you did the dot to dot through all of the junior coaches at the eels... all roads lead back to relationships with BA.

That's why until that changes we will never be the production line of the Panthers.





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    • GW&F, I rarely agree with you as you wear your  biases almost personally and with spite, but what you are saying is very true. I believe at elite levels it is  not a good practice. I was very critical of Cleary coming back to Penrith to alledgedly coach his son. It should have been the last thing he wanted to do. Fortunately for the Cleary's the son is so exceptional he can get away with it.

      If I was an administrator I would be very wary of such situations. If I was administrator at Penrith, I would say "we got lucky".


  • Someone made a tennis reference in relation to JA a while ago... it's true, he looks like a kid who should be wearing dunlop volleys, a headband and carrying a yonnex on his way to tennis camp.

    My dogs dropped turds with more size to them than JA.

  • Brilliant post.

    surely this is the end of Arthur's reign??? How much longer must we suffer as fans not having the right squad take the field, and in conjunction with that - have absolutely no prospect of a premiership.

    Let's be realistic- even though he is not a world beater - will smith was the obvious choice to start over Arthur!  Why is Jordan Rankin not being picked??

    further, this just goes to show that Brad Arthur is not the man. He has had too long, and the players are too relaxed. I look at Madge and think a hard nosed coach would be far better than Arthur, a doting father.

    we have to make big changes or this will never change!! Get the cheque book out because we are sick of it!!

    • Wow, Madge....that'll do me. After some classic rubbish I've read tonight that reply will send me to bed shaking my head in disbelief..

      Mate, there's about 15 things there that have been answered previously prior to the game and the rest is laughable.

      • Hahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahah Arthur isn't half the coach Madge is ahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahah. 

        • Haven't watched the tigers doco have you, madge is a joke. Stop embarrassing  yourself.

      • It's funny cause he used madge's coaching methods as an example, not wanting Madge to coach the side himself, you dope. 

          • Doesn't take much to have a million in assets these days . Own a fibro cottage and you're there .  

      • Any chance that you dont hijack this blog Brissy?

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