The forward pass and public/media perception

1. Standard practice is that the Turbo pass is ruled forward. He let go and stopped 1 metre before the line and the ball was caught on the line. Whenever there is a line to make the ball going forward obvious it is ruled a forward pass regardless of it going backwards out of the hands and/or travelling backwards relative to the frame of reference of the player moving as he passed it. Same as Gutho pass on the line that went backwards out of his hands but was caught by Sivo 1 metre in front of the line. Should have been a try against the Bronos but called forward. Happens in all the games. I am sure we could put together a video of 10 Parra passes that were similarly incorrectly ruled over the last year or so.

2. Refs are human and the media/public perception affects their decisions. BA needed to get on the front foot and set the narrative on this. He can still be a nice guy/ gentleman about the way he does it but he owes it to his players to set it straight in the pressers

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  • Agree. The refs need to learn about forwards passes but too aye.


    • I think it is very difficult for the touch judge, which is why if the ball obviously goes forwards relative to the line markings on the ground the call it forward. It has been standard practice for many years. There are also a lot of forward passes that are let go- usually in the middle of the field. I think it is too difficult for the humans and will only be solved when they put some trackers on the ball and program a computer to do it

      • Forward passes are purely subjective and are best left to the referees gut instinct. 

  • I agree...but we don't make news. We are not Fix favourite. Frankly I don't care. Des can cry as much as he wants ... Couldn't care less..

  • The simple conclusion is IF the ball goes forward it's FORWARD regardless IF it leaves the hands in a backward motion. Like in softball or baseball you can hit the ball in a forward projectory but IF the ball goes behind the batter it's a foul. There were also some other questionable decisions by the ref and bunker which changed the game. It wasn't just the last supposed try by Manly.

    • You might want to brush up on how physics works Monto.

      As an example, If you were in an open top car doing 100km/h and you passed a ball backwards as hard as you can it's still going to travel forwards relative to the position you passed it from.

      That's why the rule is written as it is. A pass thrown backwards can still travel forwards. 

      • Exactly

      • The Laws of Physics hasn't reached the town of Monto just yet Maggie. 

        • They left here centuries ago Brett but obviously haven't reached you yet or perhaps they propelled in the other direction.

      • Very poor example Magpie! Travelling 100km an hour in an open top vehicle is just overwhelmingly different than a Rugby League player supposedly passing a football backwards out of his hands only to see it propel forwards or in the same instance with softball or baseball.

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