I mean i can understand why they think that but it is strange having a coach who got his team to a GF being in this list only 2 months after the fact.

But here it is anyway


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  • you might find it strange to see a coach who took his team all the way to the most-recent grand final on a list of under-pressure candidates for 2023. But despite his success this year, Arthur found himself the subject of unwanted scrutiny multiple times throughout 2022.


    First, there were the ridiculous accusations of nepotism in the early rounds as his son Jake was scapegoated for some poor performances. Then a report was leaked on the eve of the finals suggesting there was unrest both in the playing group and in the boardroom. There were even reports that the coach was shopping himself around to other NRL clubs.

    Arthur responded with accusations of a personal agenda against him, and he enjoyed the vocal support of his playing group as the issues refused to abate before the preliminary final and the euphoric celebration of a grand final appearance silenced the agenda-driven critics – but for how long?

    With both of his halves off-contract at the same time (an erroneous move that will continue to cause headaches until the matter is resolved – and possibly after it as well) and a wealth of talent and experience walking out the door in the off-season, the screws are still being applied to the Parramatta mentor.

    Should the wrong half leave (although who that is, we have no idea) or the team struggle to fill the void of departing stars like Reed Mahoney and Isaiah Papali'i early, it's almost certain Arthur will start to feel the pressure.

    In his favour is a number of good signings, including Josh Hodgson at dummy-half, but with Eels' fans hungry for more success, the clock will be ticking on the coach to get the best out of his new players as soon as possible.

    With three of the top four sides, plus a rejuvenated Manly and the Sydney Roosters in their first five games, he'll certainly face a challenging start to the year.

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  • Is this David Piepers a member of 1EE?

  • BA better fuckin fix his bench rotation. 

  • I'm no BA fan and just listening to our CEO review it' doesn't seem his under pressure, I'd be really dirty on the club if they decided to extend BA contract which I'm his management is planning to do.

    • His management would be looking to extend every two years, as they should do. I understand your thoughts in extending him, his deal is til 2024 and there should be no rush to extend, but he made a GF so automatically unless he has two straight disasterous years he will be here past 2024.

      I said at the start of this year, if he got us to week 3, i would be happy to let him see out his 2024 contract, extending is dependant on his 2023 season.

      • The club should be planning for the next replacement, only a title will save BA which is not likely given this year I feel would have been the best opportunity - any decent coach would jump at the opportunity to coach the Eels,  BA seems extremely comfortable and confident but unfortunately he go down as the longest serving coach with zero to show for an unwanted legacy.BA signed byy another club would sort out the players that are loyal to him or the club, I'd be interested to see how he travels coaching wise at a different club.

        • The only person I'm targeting is one of 3 guys.

          Robinson Bennett or Bellamy.

          Like you mention if you are looking to change in 24 I'm starting at the top and going after the best.

          Id also target a football manager like Frank Ponissi.

  • very understandable considering Brad Arthur has now been at the Eels for 9-10 years without a premiership. 

  • He'll be under a lot more pressure when Moses signing with dogs is confirmed. This rumour is coming from someone who doesn't usually share rumours. 

    • Fark I hope not 😥

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