The Eels Helped By The NRL Again !

On Fox Sports News tonight they report that Ryan Matterson has got off scot-free from his charge of a head tackle. This is another example of favoritism to the Eels! Of course, I jest. In fact, I can't remember one occasion when the NRLhas has done anything for the Eels and I go back a long way. It seems Ryan pleaded guilty and the NRL cleared him of any penalty. Itis a bit of good fortune to come our way for an important match. Does the NRL want the Storm to be beaten?

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  • Suck it up Craig 

  • Sucked in!!!

  • Smith only has to come out and say he's retiring and suddenly the Storm would be given every 50/50call six again whatever to ensure he goes out a winner.What the NRL needs this year is an Eels v Panthers Grand Final.Make it happen.

  • Fuck the storm

  • For a change Robert, your summation is only partially inaccurate.

    Ryan Matterson was cited for a crusher by the Bunker but it was downgraded, rightfully so, by the MRC to a grade one high contact, which meant with an early plea he would be free to play. 

  • Very surprised Matto was let off for that one. Maybe it was an attempt at an apology for the Will Smith debacle.

  • He didn't get off scott free. He was charged with a grade one, dangerous contact to the head/neck. He pleaded guilty, copped a fine and 75 points.

    •  Sir SuperEel22: The report on Eox that I saw only indicated something like No suspension or Case dismissed in meaning. I never saw anything going into the fine detail of why it happened.

  • Notwithstanding the inaccuracies of the post as outlined by others, if hypothetically the nrl did want a certain team to win (assuming it would be for the betterment of the game financially or otherwise) that team would be the storm.

    This is because it means parra still play next week which means more interest in week 2 of the finals than if the storm were playing. Stating the obvious but far more parramatta fans and probably far more opposition fans wanting parra to fall in a heap (so they too would have more interest next week if parra were playing).

    Therefore if there is corruption as to the extent fans (not just parra fans) suggest, or straight up say, than Melbourne will get all the calls.

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