• But the penalties went our way 8-3? We led 18 to 0 at one point. We we’re managing just fine at that point. Seriously, come on

    • I'm not saying it had anything to do with the outcome. Dogs played good footy and it was a tough win. I just want the NRL to look at it because only one team was playing it with their feet. 

  • Not 1 of your best Ericson,lay off the space bags, we won it will be looked at if your saying is true

    • Lol I'm sober as a judge. Watch the game again and have a look at the dogs play the balls. I'm happy with the win I'll take it 

      • DWZ tried his best to help us in that area

  • We have a squad that can win a grand final, but a coach who cannot take them to a final. Apparently we had a strong bench but didn't change up untill we were in trouble. Dylan Brown offers nothing in attack. BA needs to make the hard calls. Have a look at DB stats, worst of the sixes in the game. 5 games and he has offered nothing.

    • Dude he is 20 years old. You can't expect him to play as consistent as Cameron Smith. His defence is so good and he is always there in cover defence. BA gives him the role of running the ball whereas Moses and Gutho do majority of the playmaking. His game wasnt even that bad, he just wasnt involved that much this game. 

    • Who do you suggest we replace him with?

      • Brett Kenny

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