• No it was on the inside shoulder

    • But waqa blake doesn't go through the line impeding the defender we have a decision 

      No Try

  • This site is baffling.

    Win - it's not good enough. 

    Win by a decent margin - we were lucky.

    Lose - we are shit team led by a 'bush coach'

    Lose by a few - Ref's fault.

    Controversial call in our favour - someone here will say it's the only reason why we won.

    Controversial call against us - somene here will find away to make it our fault.

    You can't win.


    • You can't and it's a good thing we are no longer happy just being in it and making up numbers we want to be better and the club to want that.

    • 100% EAM! My theory is that considering how well we started the season, a lot of folks on here genuinely thought we'd win the premiership this year and the recent dip in form forces them to confront the cognitively dissonant reality that such lofty ambitions may be beyond this team this year.

      As a result, we get folks bleating on here like lost lambs and insisting anybody who dares to look for positives as Unicorns!

      The reality is, these foks (and we know who they are) are the sort of people that place bets against their team every week. If the team wins, they lose the bet but are happy that the team won. If the team loses, they can smugly satisfy themselves in the knowledge that 'they were right after all' - and that they won some money on the bet!

      • So true. I never tip against the Eels. 

  • Better question is why did Henry blow the whistle if he thought it was a tip on (knock on) and supposedly he believes the bunker can rule on til on?

    Why didn't he just let it play out then go to the bunker. He usually goes to the bunker even if its clear cut try.

    • Very good point maybe check with sports bet lol

  • That still shows the Bronco player initiating contact meaning a defensive decision Blake's feet are together indicating he wasn't running through the line. The ball was well past the defender having no bearing on the end result. 
    Whatever way you dice it , it was a try not given. There'll be plenty more of them over the next 5 weeks.

  • A fair try every single day of the week. 

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