The Bench

As the 2021 season draws closer (can't freakin wait) I believe our bench (if all players stay fit) will be the strongest it's been in 10yrs, will that relate to a GF appearance? Time will tell I suppose.

Whats your bench look like? 
Here's mine.... and remembering if all players are fit and are playing to their potential.

14 Roache

15 Cartwright 

16 Papali'i 

17 Hipgrave / Kaufusi 

18 Marata



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  • Marata misses out?Okay.If you are picking Kafusi and Hipgrave over Marata then ,No we ain't making the GF.   14.Roach



                    17 Papalii 

    • 3/4 ain't bad lol, who takes Lanes spot in the 13?

      • Cartright to second row. Lane was benched last year and I thought he was good off the bench. A lot depends on Cartright returning to form but if he does he needs to be out there .If there is going to be a 14 to cover Reed then we don't need Cartright as impact we need another bigger body on the bench,so Lane,Hollis or Hughes.Lane has a good offload and is deadly close to the line,however lacks the leg speed or angles to capitalise on DBrowns short balls into space.

    • With you eggy, can't see Marata not getting a slot.

      Not sure about Roache, I would lean more toward Lussick.

      Nuikore can play middle or edge - when Papali'i comes on Marata to edge.

      The best thing is we not only have strong options on the bench, but we have flexibility with those options.

    • Honestly marata hasn't done exactly anything really exciting.  Hipgraves was the best titan two years ago. Showed alot of promise before injuries. Could be anyone spot. 

  • Only a guess, anyone who can pick our bench this early is a freakin genius.


    Papali'i / Lane



    Nuikori to replace Kaufusi rnd 2.

  • 14 Niukore / Roache

    15 Kaufusi / Hughes

    16 Papali'i / Stone

    17 Cartwright / Hipgrave

    Should be able to make a bench outta them

    • You've named eight players.

      No shirt Shitlock.

      • LOL

      • Harder to pick then a brocken nose

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