Dylan was in front of the kicker and came I to the play how the bunker missed that is anyones guess.

Rapana led with his knees but didn't contact the head if Gutho did the same at the other end I'd expect the same outcome.

We were out muscled out enthused and out played so let's move past blaming the refs


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  • Not dubious bro, it was a try. Every game has rules. A simple google of the rules gets the following on an illegal tackle:

    Is where a defender does not use, or attempt to use, his arms (including his hands) to tackle or otherwise take hold of the opposing player and the contact is forceful. It will be considered misconduct, if any player affects a tackle in the manner as defined.


    no arms = no tackle. Jordan didn't place an arm on Sivo. It was a terrible decision and all involved should be sacked. The rules are clear.


    Dylan being offside is another failure. How can the Refs and bunker be this incompetent?


  • Agreed according to the rules (I mean isn't that the whole point in sport) the first one should have been a penalty to Canberra for Dylan being offside and then yes, according to the rules the second one should have been a penalty try. It evens out anyway so we should just move on.

  • brown was passive. he didnt interfere with the play. the canberra player would have done nothing different if brown wasnt there. 

    its a fair try.

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