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To all those who passed on good things to me recently re that 2019 matter I would like to thank for your kind words. I can`t, at the moment reply to each of you, for a couple of reasons but thank you again. The one exception is Grunta. Mate, if you have ever taken the piss out of me in the past, as you said, I either missed it at the time or forgotten about it long since.So, there was no need to apologise at all.Keep up your good work.

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  • Robert your a class act and a gentlemen! The great news blog meant alot to me as my old man was born in 1933 and all the memories came flooding back! Thank you. 

  • Robert,  We can all be insensitive at times, some more so than others, and this blog and your words reveal a different person to what may seem to come across at times.

  • Im a fan Robert, you must be the oldest member here, respect.

    An 86 yo giving it to the TCT for years ahahahahaha! keep up the good work.

  • Robert I have the utmost respect for you champion . At  86 years old and you're still as sharp as a tac and unlike a certain old grubby  shameless flea  who sells  used PS4 games to junkies you have always been a gentleman and  I wish you nothing but joy and good health . 



  • Robert,

    Yeah, I'm with Snake, Fong, Colin, Mick, and everyone here. Good health to you, mate.

    Respect, champion.

  • All the very best to you Robert

  • I'm old too, but I can still sk8te...

    via GIPHY
  • Robbie...

    You used to spell your name with a little 'r'.

    You also have made some pretty funny grammar mistakes and outlandish statements in general.

    It's all good...

    Hey, why don't you make like a hermaphrodite and go phuck yourself?

    See? Did it again.

    Anyway, Chuck Berry's playin'...

    • how good is that Grunts. ok Robert can you match that
      • I'm thinkin' Robert's still getting over his night at Rooty Hill RSL last night...



This reply was deleted.

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