Tepai Moeroa signs with the Melbourne Storm

For the remainder of 2021 season. It didn't work out in Rugby Union. 


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          • Daz I think Snake is 100% legit ---------------oops


        • Lol

      • Brett, you have to go to the persons profile, and then accept the friend request from there. It doesn't work from the obvious place.

        • Thanks Meelk and Daz - I've now accepted Wiz. Pretty sure I'll be recieving a barrage of dick pics any moment now :)

          • "Pretty sure I'll be recieving a barrage of dick" - Kramer 2021

            • lol - fake news!!

              • "I accepted Wiz's barrage of dick" - Kram 2021. 

        • Of course it doesn't 

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