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Tepai Moeroa off to Rugby Union

Daily Telegraph reporting Tepai Moeroa is close to signing with the NSW Waratahs for next year.

Moeroa joins Taka, Mannah, Alvaro & a few others who are very unlikely to be here next year.

The clean out of par average players continues...

We will surely have a lot of cap space to chase some decent players and have a seriously formidable team for next year. Fingers crossed. Very pleased to see BA, O Neil & the club are finally making the right calls in regards to the playing roster. Things are looking up. 

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  • It only took a spoon year for BA to realise that we need an overhaul. The writing was on the wall in 2017 despite us winning. I'm still pissed off that BA didn't see the downfall coming.

    • BA has admitted several times that he was very stubborn heading into last year. But he’s definitely changed his approach for 2019 and you can see how. The team currently sits in the 8 and all the deadwood is being shown the door and we are actually linked to good players and not duds.

      • I don't think you could say Tepai Moeroa was deadwood, that's a bit harsh.

        • It’s a reality. He tries hard but how many times have we had to go down to 16 in a game cause he’s had a HIA

          • That's hardly his fault.

    • No one did, and don't say you did.

      • I did Brett, and I remember arguing with you about it as well. I remember how much you defended our lean and mobile forward pack, and how well they worked as a unit despite possessing no clear individual superstar forwards. I warned that if we didn't beef up we'd be in trouble. Look what happened.


        • So after finishing in the top 4 and pushing the storm to the limit we should of had a roster over haul? 

          • That game along with Broncos one at ANZ were the only 2 games that year when we played like a bonafide top 4 team. We bumbled over the line in so many other games and just got the win. Think of that win against the Warriors at ANZ. Or the one against the Broncos at Suncorp. Those wins masked our weaknesses. I saw the cracks emerging. A few others did as well like Fong but most didn't. BA should have seen what was going to happen but he got complacent and thought it would all be fine. I never thought we'd get the spoon the following year but I had a nagging doubt that we'd go backwards.


            • Its easy to say GF but actually doing it is something else.

              I always thought BA saw 2018 as a gap year, he knew the team was weaker than 17 but he also realised he has players coming off contract in 19 as well as some outstanding juniors.

              The choices he had in hindsight were proven wrong, he thought the team would guts it as they had since the dramas started but they the players seemingly subconsciously rejected it.

              The damage done by 2018 is irreparable in the context of a set back to plans and integrity as a "new parra brand"...... personally I believe that BA is/has been lucky to survive but it would be possible if this has all been communicated as a likelyhood and almost an expectation after the event, then that is the rationalisation that has enabled him to survive.

              That is now history and only poor manager's can reflect on mistakes and do nothing about them..... I think we are seeing now a redressing of those mistakes and the need to be harsher and stronger. 

              Nothing disturbs me more than seeing players I held great hopes for like Tepi and French being lost as failures, but this happens and I am not blaming anyone specifically, its just the way it has evolved. We need to move on and stopped wallowing about I told you so! or who was right or wrong.

              PS Smart move for Tep moving to Union, I don't know how they will use him, but maybe as a centre he could still make the big time, he is more suited to centre as a Rugby player, than a similar move in League, which has an almost defensive priority to it.

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