Stuart to Face a Ban

Why league great says there is ‘no option’ but to ban Ricky as ugly spray exposes NRL’s big problem 

There are calls for Canberra coach Ricky Stuart to be stood down for the rest of the season with the NRL reportedly conceding fines are “not really working for those serial offenders”.

NRL officials will meet on Monday to decide on a sanction for Stuart after he called Panthers young gun Jaeman Salmon “a weak-gutted dog” in his post-match press conference on Saturday.

Stuart apologised for the outburst on Sunday, while the Salmon family have called on the NRL to act.

The NRL are considering slapping Stuart with a ban, with journalist Dave Riccio revealing they have conceded fines aren’t working for serial offenders.

“The NRL they will meet today, there is a commission meeting,” Riccio said on SEN.

“This item was never on the agenda however it will be discussed today, the NRL will determine what sanction they hand down to Ricky Stuart.

“This is an interesting one as there’s been plenty of discussion and consideration from the NRL to suspend Ricky Stuart for a match or more.

“I can tell you this is a path the NRL have been looking at going down for coaches who have serial fines against them for comments made post-match.






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  • Tear up his contract...fark pricky

    • But I will miss his press conferences!!

      • Lol pricky never coaching again is good for the game

        • One Raider's fan  posted on their site that the Raiders club should receive the harshest possible punishment.  Their suggested punishment was being forced th extend Ricky's coaching stint by 5 years.  

          I thought it very funny!

          • lol funny comment


    Is there any pundits in the game that will make Ricky Stuart accountable.  What a weak as piss group of nuffs or so called journalists that report on the game.

    Someone needs to speak out

    We’re not living in China. Calls to ban Ricky for the season are way over the top — Blog with Hoops
    We’re not living in China. Calls to ban Ricky for the season are BS — Blog with Hoops
    • Article written by the same guy that bullied his workmate on the radio until he quit.

      Same guy that thinks ricky just needs a fine and that will teach him but was fined so many times for drink driving they eventually had to suspend his license just like they need to suspend ricky

  • Good. Stuart is a bully, and bullies only cower to superior force. 

  • I know what he said is out of line. But at the same time, the NRL force the coaches to do these pressers not long after the game. They are emotionally invested so they can often say stuff they regret later. How often when I'm pissed off not send an email till the following day, and hit backspace on practically everything I've said when I've calmed down.

    I'm not a fan of Ricky but at the same time, he does have the balls to say some things that others will only think and not say. If you are going to insist on pressers, then at least allow them time to calm down. Or allow them to opt out for someone else to do it.

  • Throw the book at him and make that book an encyclopaedia.

This reply was deleted.

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