Storm downgraded

Storm are getting beat albeit Raiders beating them at Aami is nothing new, and I don't think they have so far given away a ruck infringement, interestingly though Smith was done for verbal dissent that has to be a first, Anyway do you think Storm will struggle with the speed of the game ie. No wrestling or will adapt? love the speed of the games so far, the new rule has worked a treat and if it causes The Storm to lose momentum then all good.

Roosters on the other hand were fast and good last night and again will be hard to beat.

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  • The Storm are unable to constantly reset and get into their structures. They struggle when their unable to get into rhythm and these new rules don't allow it unless you completely control posesion.

    Big Nelson's really struggled moving around the ruck defensively, I don't think we'll see him start another game any time soon and Cams getting visibly frustrated.

    Anumber of times Smith has looked to engage late in the tackle as a defender like he usually does to prolong the tackle and pulled out. He has flopped twice without being penalised but his instincts to do what he's been doing for over a decade manipulating the ruck is not available to him now.

    CONGRATS VLANDYS you've given us a our game back and I've watched every minute of every game something I haven't done in an age . 

  • The 6 again rule has completely nullified the Storm's entire ruck strategy. Praise the Lord!!!!!

    The Storm are still a great side, extremely well drilled and miles of talent. But their grubby ruck tactics for slowing down the play the ball is now officially dead. They got pinged for hands on the ball, leg pulls, taking too long etc. The usual garbage wasn't tolerated and the Raiders made them pay. 
    As the game went on I watched the Storm closely and their wrestle disappeared. They were clearing the ruck quickly (so as not to give away 6 again) and the Raiders were just rolling them. It completely rattled the Storm. 
    I've no doubt that the Storm will change tactics to deal with the rule change but their BS, garbage, grubby, niggling crap in the ruck is now gone!!!

    All hail V'Landys!!

    • Let's hope so muttman, it will be interesting to see How much latitude the refs give them against the lesser sides.

    • The Storm previously relied on the fact that referees were powerless in handing down continues penalties. Now they'll have no answer as they also relied on a third man in to further slow it down. 

      The Storm are finished 

  • Bit premature to say the storm have been downgraded after one game , it will take at least a month of footy before snyi can say if the new rule will benefit or hinder certain teams . 

  • Raiders also looked better in attack with new addition Williams , which is what they lacked in the GF last year, thier defense still very strong. 

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  • Standard of all games has been excellent considering.  Tigers can thank Storm for the loan of Harry Grant who they can't fit in. Drinkwater released to Cowboys is pretty awesome as well. Season should be very competitive for a change fingers crossed. 

  • Smith was cooked last year.

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