•  Bittersweet.kinda hope he is a useless plodder.

  • Backflip anyone 

    • Been on the cards for a while now

      • Let's hope we give him a few reason's not to leave us during the year.. 

  • i reckon he will backflip on Tigers. He will see success with the Eels and not want to leave.

    • No doubt that's what the club is hoping. According to 60's on TCT, he has been murdering everyone in opposed sessions so far.

  • So what is minimum wage for top 30.versus what he has signed with tigers for? 

    • The minimum for 2020 will be 110k for the top 26 & 75k for players 27-30. He is allegedly getting 800k over 3 years from the Tigers.

  • It was not a smart move for him to sign a contract now for 2021-2023 unless he knows he can backflip. If he really is a top tier prop he could probably earn more than that. 

    The problem for us is that he will probably cost us to keep him so that the cap space we lose makes it hardly worth it

    • No doubt the club should've offered substantially more, even 150K might have got us over the line. But if he is as good as he is projected to be, he'll be worth every penny to get him back either next year or 2024.

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