Starting to get excited

Was just watching the silly promo on the Eels website with the boys dancing about,and I thought to myself , wow thats actually a really good group of players, there is not one at least in the best 13 that is not a pretty handy player.So we should go okay right.Comparisons have been made to our 2018 team coming from 4th the previous season but really that team was pretty bad on paper compared to this one,plus we lost semi and Guth had done his knee.From memory (I've tried to forget)our best forwards were Timmy and Polar and our strike weapon was French,then we had our lucky charm Jarryd The Spoon Hayne back.Any wonder we was shite.

The common consensus was that we lost our season after the capitulation in the second half of game 1 against Penrith and lost our first 6 i believe.Which brings me back to the importance of getting off to a good start,to hit the ground running and take confidence from the first 5 or six games and get entrenched in that top 4 early.

So here are our first 5 games of 2020.Early days I know but after 5 games what points can you see us sitting on?Dogs. Titans.  Cowboys.  St George . And Tigers.

For me I'd say losing any of those would be disastrous. 10 points 50 plus for and against and sitting in 1st would be the only forgivable outcome.




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  • We have a top 4 squad this season IMO, anything less bar a spate of injuries is a massive fail.



  • I’ll get a little excited  when we’re 20 in front 5 to go GF day.  In the meantime it’s anxious I’ll be.

  • We should be aiming for 4 wins from our first 5 games, winning all 5 is a real posibility if we have the right attitude.

    I really want to see a gritty attitude in defense from the first round, if we can get our attitude and structure right in defense i think we can give it a real shake this season. I'm hoping for a 49ers eels double in 2020.

    • A Chiefs / Eels double would be better HKF.

      • Are you a legit chiefs fan or a bandwagoner BEM?, i've been on the 9ers since 82.

        • Legit HKF.

          Only been following NFL a couple of years though.

          • Should be a cracking game, i'm taking half day off work so i can watch it.

    • I was shocked how easily Mostert carved the Packers ground defence. The Packers run defence isn't great, but that was horrendous stuff for a championship game. 

      Still, I just can't cheer for the Niners, go the Chiefs !!!

      • Two words Kyle Shanahan 

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