Some Rules for sum and for Parra? Fcukem


QUESTION: Was this worth a potential penalty try? Clearly the Bulldogs player takes away any chance of Sivo making a proper chance to grab the ball here. Usually this is a penalty in itself so i would assume the referee made a blunder by not taking a 2nd look at the contest!

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    • wow cheating dog caught in the act! So that’s what sivo  was shaking his head about!

      • You don't miss much there Navy.

        Well done.


    • This looked Suss live. Sivo looked for your money he was going to score when the kick was put over. He had an unlucky night. Could have had 3 

      • Nice work Mr Analyst....

        • Thanks Poppa, but this situation needed to be brought up at the Press Conference, so when the games come the referees are more aware of this.

  • Exactly, why I put a blog up Dogrefs beat Eels! Its as clear as the sun shines in the sky,that there's corruption within the NRL  and some teams get favours over other teams at the hands of the referees and the judiciary! It will continue until the whole system has an non biased investigation. It's a total joke! However, most people don't want to hear it let alone believe it's possible.

  • Wow, that wasn’t given a second look at all. 

    that Rema Smith was such grublet 

  • I remember calling this out at the game and was shocked nothing came of it.

  • Yeah Sivo was blowing up about it and apparently he doesn't even know the rules yet.

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