• My head hurts

    • Thats because the blog is floored or even flawed

  • Is it a wooden floor or concrete floor?

    • I once dropped an egg on a concrete floor and it didn't break. Probably because concrete is very hard


  • I am more scared of what our education system can produce in terms of competent English and grammar. 

    • They're is no dowt it is a searioss problem PD, I see it everywere thees dayes and find it qwite confronting.

  • Ask Otis, he always gets me to the right floor, 3rd floor ladies underwear.

    • Going down

  • I don't think Parra will make top 4. Rabbitohs and Raiders have a much better for and against and they're currently two points ahead on the ladder. 

    But isn't it splendid, that the Eels will be playing finals football this year. Although, the Eels at best will be a dark horse. 

  • Well this year we've gone from the basement to a couple of floors below the penthouse.we're above the 1st floor foyer and restaurant . Still a standard room on a modest level with a decent view of the mountains to the west.If we can sneak up the service elevator we might get to the top floor but without a key we won't get inside the honeymoon suite.

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