Smith or Field, an interesting decision

Will Smith started his first game in the halves for Parramatta for over a year when he took to the field on Saturday night against the Wests Tigers.

He played perhaps his best game for the Eels since his stint at fullback in 2017 and looked dangerous whenever he touched the ball, not to mention he marked up well opposite Luke Garner.

Dylan Brown may very well be fit this week given he was running last week and he will slot into the side if available.

However, there is still the chance of Brad Arthur having to choose between Jai Field and Will Smith.

Field has been up and down this season as he slowly comes to grips with playing in the NRL.

Smith meanwhile has seen very limited game time but has more NRL and finals experience than Field.

For mine, Saturday night seemed a trial run for week one of the finals if Brown isn't fit. It looked odd given Field has played little football himself to be given a rest and Smith to be moved into the halves. Was it indeed a case of rotation, or was BA trying to decide who gets a run in the number six this weekend?

To add to this is the expected return of both Marata Niukore and Ray Stone.

The Eels will have almost their entire squad available and players are going to have to miss out.

Alvaro will almost certainly drop off the bench while there are some questions over Stone, Takairangi and Lane.

Andrew Davey, in my opinion, has earnt himself a starting position with his performances this season. He's aggressive in defence, runs fantastic lines, provides high quality offloads and has a great engine. Lane has been filling in through the middle but has been a little impotent in that position, offering little in the way of ball playing or "x-factor".

Takairangi has been in and out of the side this season, he did a job against the Tigers to give Michael Jennings a rest but could very well serve as a super-sub of sorts for BA to call upon against the Storm. He has great utility value, offers some variety with his ball playing and is different to virtually every other bench player in the squad.

The other consideration is Ray Stone. He is in a similar mould to Brandon Smith regarding his defence and workrate through the middle and serves as a backup hooker.

So what does BA's bench look like?

For mine, it has to have a little unpredictability about it. Stacking it with four middles will not provide a great deal of change that we'll need against Melbourne.

So I'm going

14. Taka

15. Niukore

16. Evans

17. Stone

18. Kaufusi

19. Lane

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  • in backing brown to be back with smith on the bench 

  • Don't think it is a time for safe choices. We will just lose by less points by doing that.

    I hope we play the most attacking team possible and tell them them to go for it.

    • Yeh that's what I'm hoping. We're not going to beat Melbourne in an arm wrestle. We need to unsettle them.

      • Do we want to win? Yes silly question, i know.

        We wont go out if we lose, so I think we need brown (if he plays) to have a run under his belt before it is suddan death and I also beleive as a team we need to keep playing. 

        Who remembers 2005, where both us and Dragons had a week of and then lost.

        Last week was an improvment on the week before so my opinion is that we need to keep playing.


        EDIT: all though this is a long season and since we havent had a break for 18 weeks so i can see the benefit. Just not sure how it will affect out momentum that we are only JUST STARTED TO TRY and build.

      • For mine. Your so predictable and pathetic in your guessing. I'll bet you $500 bucks right here Lane in in the side. Come on Super.


        • How are you meant to come up with the $500 if you lose Chuck? I'm pretty sure Super wouls want to see some evidence that you have the cash to cover the bet. 

          • Walk on dopey kid.

            I up Super.


            • It takes two to bet Chuck....any fwit can call out a bet, getting someone to take it gives you bragging rights.

              As an aside from that your constant assasination  of Taka last week hardly makes you credible. We got the message you didn't rate him the first 3 times you said it, what you did bordered on harrassment.

              I don't like the word "hate" but i really dislike people that say "told you so". You would look so much better by saying nothing and knowing you got it right, rather than telling everyone.

              • Food for thought, i think you got it right Poppa.

                • Thanks Robert, I appreciate your support!

This reply was deleted.

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