Sivo isn't good enough..simple!!!

We won which is good but it doesnt change the fact sivo is overrated.

He proves again and again he just isn't good enough. He is super one dimensional.

His defensive reads are absolute trash, let's in easy try's is super sus under high ball. Turns like a bus.

He is a great finisher close to the line and makes the occasional decent run in space.

He's 105kg and runs like a 87 hilux marshmallow. 

Put dragons Mikaele Ravalawa's heart in sivos body you have the best NRL winger.

I may be the only one but I'm so done with his lazy ass efforts and lack of footy brain. 


What you guys think? 


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      • Does it matter how he scores them?

        Does every try have to be a highlight reel moment?

        • The point is he bombs opportunities or hands over possession, anyone can score the tries his scored, catch and run to the line is every wingers bread and butter. 

          Yesterday I saw Hercules get pushed over by a midget.

          • He rarely hands over possession or bombs opportunities. 

            If he gets bundled into touch, that's on his centre passing him the ball when he has no space to work with.

            When Simonsson, Russell or Penisini run the ball back from a kick, the defence commits 1 or 2 defenders in the tackle. When Sivo runs it back, the defence commits 3 or 4 defenders in the tackle.

            When it comes to bombs, Sivo is 2nd only to Guth in diffusing them.

    • I don't mind Sivo and he's been a good player for us but he couldn't tie Semi's shoelaces. 

      • Never said he could.

        Radradra had a far better running than Sivo but it doesn't change the fact he scores tries.

  • He ran for 215m, 50 of which were post contact, and scored a try. That's not too bad. I don't think he was lazy tonight. 

    I agree with your other criticisms though. That defensive misread was really, really bad. He has always been a little one dimensional.

    However, his finishing is good enough to justify his spot. Top Try scorer in the NRL by a margin of 3 tries. 

  • Greg Marzhew is a local junior 

    • Marshew came to parra from the Titans 

  • I thought  he was good under the high ball tonight. His defence and lack of helping out from the back now thats another matter.

    Someone needs to teach him the art of the fend. Grothe was the master at it, fend them off, use your frame to stay balanced, put the foot down.

    • Very good point. He needs to use those powerfully built arms of his. Penesini is great at it. 

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