Sivo Homesick Rumour

Rumor has it from an inside source that Maika Sivo is very homesick, after his short visit to Fiji for christmas. As a result, he will not be returning to the NRL and the Parramatta Eels. Sivo’s Manager has alerted the Eels and are in talks with Brad Arthur to terminate his NRL contract. This will likely hit the media within the next week


Taken from FB

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  • I heard he was given a lift to Fiji by Santa Claus as well. This rumour definitely has legs. Everyone panic. 

  • Just heard this on Maquarie sports, gutted and shocked Bazz.

  • Already a done deal with Toulon , 1 mill per yer.

    • I'm hearing 1.3, four years.

      • Haha I'm hearing 10 for 10


    Not saying your claim is untrue, just saying this was posted 2 days ago.


    Sivo Sets 2020 Target
    Sivo has extended his contract with Eels for the next two seasons....
    • Yep well there it is, the bit were he says it's good to be's true.

    • Looking at the weather forecast and what its like in Fiji now who would want to be there in the midst of a cyclone, and its only starting for the season.

      The club flew his dad out for training days and to see him play, How much has the club invested in him up to this point of time? if any truth to the rumour then the eels & NRL need to make a powerful statement regarding him leaving in the way he has. Thing is though not much that can be done when we look at the transfer, leaving club for greener pastures and the like that has brought the end of this season as the jack in the box hop scotch game between clubs for players and coaches.,

  • Wow! There go all your declarations that the Eels would win in 2020! They started in November when the players returned to training and the usual tripe from TCT revealed all. I must say. Wait to the competition starts for God's sake. All that typing gone down the plughole!

    I know that home is where the heart is but this Fijian thing is looking like a very poor series on Channel Nine.  Whoever is behind it should be forced to compensate the Eels 100% for Sivo`s contract--remaining years included.

    I like the cynicism of  Come on down Latrell!


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