Sivo cleared to fly home

The travel ban placed on Fiji Bati and Paramatta Eels flyer Maika Sivo has been lifted today by the Nadi Magistrates Court.

26-year-old Sivo is currently charged with 1 count of indecent assault.

While delivering his ruling, Magistrate Peni Dalituicama stated that it was unfair and unjust to keep Sivo away from his employment with the Paramatta Eels Rugby League club.


Magistrate Dalituicama says that Sivo is not a flight risk and is not running away to Australia but is contracted with the Eels.

However, Sivo has been informed to surrender his passport once he arrives in Sydney.

Magistrate Dalituicama also informed the court that they are satisfied with the assurance given by the General Manager of the Paramatta Eels that Sivo will be available to attend his court cases when needed.

A cash bail bond of $2,500 was also paid.

Two sureties were also provided by Maika Sivo.

The NRL star winger is alleged to have indecently assaulted a female staff of a resort on Denarau.

The incident is alleged to have taken place on Boxing Day.

Meanwhile, Sivo has also pleaded not guilty to the charge.

The case will be called again on the 17th of February.

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  • That's good news in 1 respect. It would be better though to get the hearing done before 17th February in my opinion. The longer it drags out can be stressful. 

  • Great news! 

    At least, the Fijian Magistrates had some commonsense.

    Apparently, there's also quite a few witnesses that Sivo didn't do anything untoward during the pool party and was wishing everyone happy festivus time. 

    As strict as Fijian courts seem to be over a male touching (assaulting) a woman - an acquittal is starting to look very promising now.

    Michael Nostradamus.


    • I hope you are correct Michael  Nostradamus. Not  saying that this is a vexatious charge but it is difficult to connect the charge to the facts as known.

      This will be better for his well being given some of those images with his head covered. Clearly in distress.

      Back with his teammates getting into heavy work will allow him to clear his head. I know he is a popular member of the team with his teammates 

      • John Eel, I'm not sure, just hopeful. 

        Michael Nostradamus was homage to Michael Ericson, who predicted the Eels would be 5th this year, who also was optimistic (as a lawyer) that Sivo's case would end well.

        Out of about 50 plus "Indecent assault" cases in the Fijian Magistrate Courts only three (about 6%) were acquitted - 94% guilty with a criminal conviction and jail sentence (even for fleetingly poking a woman's buttocks). Judges tended to believe the females' testimony and Sivo would be a perfect catch: no-one is above the law. 

        The acquitted ones had ample witnesses and evidence (which Sivo seems to have) or inconsistent prosecution testimony. As long as there wasn't more touchy-feely stuff, I'm quietly optimistic.

        • Thanks for that. I did not read Michael Ericsons post. Great research. Not many do it on here.

           I do worry about this sort of justice though. I guess If it keeps the rate of offences down there is some sort of argument for it but it concerns me.

  • Anyone know what the worst case scenarios are if he is found guilty?? 

    • 20 years hard labour....

      ...or 34 years as a Parra fan.

      About the same thing really.

      • Fuuuuui: Hear, hear!

        • LOL

          • So, Fui jumped on board in 86?

            Poor kent. I blame the last 33 years on him!

This reply was deleted.

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