Sitting down with the CEO : Part One


Parramatta Eels CEO Jim Sarantinos sits down with broadcaster Adam Hawse in a multi-part series reviewing the 2022 NRL season and looking ahead to 2023. Part One looks at the NRL men’s season including the run to the Grand Final.

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  • Have to admit that game up there in NQ not many saw that performance coming, the tough resolute defense in that intensely fought win was a season highlight. It would have taken a lot out of the players in that heat. Don't think we were anywhere near the condition of penrith in the gf In terms of freshness.  

    Now we need Sarantinos to tell us how he's going to fix the ass broken pathways 


    • I reckon there should be a week off before the final 

      • Like what the AFL does?

        • Yes 

    • Its obviously not an easy task to fix the pathways Chief, but the main thing is we understand they are broken and then address the issues with the same determination we have shown since the demise of the previous administration.

  • pops the pathways from 14 to u 16's is a failure . They have picked 60 kids from 1st division to 3rd division. The better more promising kids the club need to to develop are been split in groups with these kids ,training is run like an nrl fan day with each group spending 7 minutes on each drill. There are kids that don't no how to catch and pass . I can tell you the better kids have switched right off . Kids are coming and going choosing to go play oz tag or union Instead of treating this like a stepping stone . The club have only themselves to blame for running a poor program. As I've said before pathways 14's to 16's is purely to keep numbers not about developing there next premiership window..

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