Sir Col a thank you from his family

I received a card today which was a thank you to all the supporters of 1EE from his family members.

The picture attached is the front of a specially printed card.

Personally I think this picture will be one I best remember of him because he was fit and healthy and on the water, which he loved. Many may not know but he was a long time member of the Brisbane Coast Guard amongst his many achievements.

So from his family he thanks you as 1EE members for enhancing his memory......Adrianna in a personal note says she misses him so much. I think on behalf of 1EE members so do we Adrianna.



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    • Oh bless ❤️❤️❤️Teary 😥😥😥😥 it's like he is just on a holiday but coming back soon , or the " orf seezun " which I take off these days 

      tell Adrianna Thankyou x

    • Pops, Col in his wisdom, told me on the phone to tell you a message, to give to you from him, after he was gone, from the grave, lol.

      This is 100% legit.

      Any idea what that message is? its a simple message for you to keep in mind always.

      • The message is that you and Fong are really good guys and the heart and soul of the 1EE...... and I don't doubt it, it's a little like the "curates egg", Col said to me "Pop" they are good guys, just keep the bastards honest.

        Understand that Col and me saw being a "bastard" as a huge compliment......i.e me calling him "the silly old bastard".

        Not sure where my name came from i.e. "oh, great demented one"...... I suspect it is that dementure is going to get me, I can feel it coming.


        • Cols message is - SNAKE IS ALWAYS RIGHT :)

          • LOL...I was pretty close, just embellished it a bit.

  • Yes, miss our chats and his posts.  I hope his fam are doing ok in the circumstances and that Col is in whatever happy place we all hope exists after life as we know it.

  • Warm regards to Adrianna and hope shes coping ok.

    I wonder what Cols spirit is up to? wonder what he's next travels will take him, i often wonder that about those who have left us.

    I wish him nothing but happiness, good health and love in those travels, im sure he will be making a positive impact no matter whgere he is.

    How are you going without your partner in crime, Poppa? you ok mate?

    • Snake mum hadn't visited me but I did hear John Denver at the shopping centre the other day which I've never noticed before 🤷‍♀️
      maybe she's too busy like col with other journeys too ❤️

      • Carlo, when you o to sleep, turn off any noise and just let your mind go blank, think of someone else that has passed, your mum may check on you.

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