• Yes i heard this earlier very unfortunate. 

    • I was disappointed when I found out, but i think you'll find he had to take it.

    • As in, he wasn't going to get a new parra contract?
  • Bugger
  • Can't believe we let him go. I'd love an explanation. Apart from him not wanting to stay or he wanted ridiculous coin why in hell wouldn't we re-sign him.
    • From what i was told he is getting nearly double what we offered, and we offered an upgrade on his previous contract.

  • Damn shame
  • Wasnt Jacob Gagan a parra junior?
  • He was finally starting to catch the bomb too.... Oh well - no loss
  • Decent first-grade-standard player, but nothing special.  I don't think he'll be too difficult to replace (no, Vai isn't a real replacement) with an up-and-comer.

    Thanks for all the tries, Ken.  All the best in the UK.

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