The Dawgs just signed Xerri.

Mahoney Sutton Kikau Xerri Pele TPJ  who else am I missing?

Brown courted by Dolphins for huge $$ , Moses the same by Dogs / Tigers

I hope we have one big sign announcement and no not just Kapow either.

Guth - Sivo - Penisini - Simonsson - Russell/Dunster

Brown - Moses

Hodg - Junior - RCG 

Lane - Brown - Hopgood

Murchie - Ogden - Wiremu - Rein/Hands

Matterson out Rnd 1 (counting his money)

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  • Lol counting his money

  • Matterson can fk off. Its good that fans on this site are reminding matto of what a shit decision he made unlike the Cumberland throw, who are mollycuddling him .  

    • Agree what a team olayer old matto is.  Should have been fined by the team the value of his payments for those weeks off.

  • He is making a stand against NRL shit decision to have ex-players in the bunker and on judiciary but that what Players Assoc. is for, take that shit to them AND play footy that's what' you are paid to do.

    I do hope we are successful in keeping both Moses / Brown beyond '23

    He should also hold Cyborg for this yr also, will be important this yr more than ever

    • Yes correct!! NRL are corrupt you only have to look at certain teams, rub of the green? You be the judge. 

      • BS hes looking after his hip pocket rather than the best interests of the team.

  • If we sign Fifita we win the comp but it won't happen 

  • The way our club works these days is they will send out an email before Xmas showing how busy they've been behind the scenes. I expect this to include signings and resignings. There's talk of Corey Allen and Tapau although they're far from signed at this stage.

    • I do not get the Allen signing as he is not better than what we currently have. I wouldn't have him at this stage over Blake, Simonsson, Dunster or even Russell to be fair. We do not actually need him, if anything i would focus on someone like Farnworth and get him signed for 2024, that makes sense.

      • At his best, Allen is way better than Simonsson and probably Blake to.

        Unfortunately he has been far from his best since joining the dogs.

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