Just want to get a general feel on opinion, should MA join the nrl side towards end of year in a 14 role (10-15 min) or should he stay in nsw cup and keep working on his craft. Plenty of good things in the 19s origin but also some issues with his game. Getting him into the nrl side could be good to see what that level is about so wouldn't mind him in the 14 for last couple of games. 

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    • Fuck the haters in the fan base. 

      I want him in NRL already. Season is over. He deserves a taste of FG as LB has said, even if it is just 2-3 games. If NSW Cup play the day after, he can always play in cup the next day as well.

      • Agreed. Give him a couple of games where he only plays a few minutes (10-15) so he can see exactly what it's like and the club can see how he handles it and what he may need to go and work on. 

        I think he is still a bit too young for fultime duties but he may be ready. The club and him will not know until they give him a go.

        • Yes I agree because the season is done. Might aswell debut more players and give them experience 

  • Yeah I'd like to see him brought in. Hooker is a position of we are struggling in and i I think at the moment he is capable of being brought on in the role lussick is currently occupying. Might be different if we were fighting it out for the top 4 or something but seasons over it's a good chance to blood guys like him. For me it's almost the opposite of the Jake Arthur situation. There is a strong need for him to be fastracked and also an indication that he should be fastracked 

  • I don't think his body or his game is ready for FG. He has great potential but still makes the same mistakes in Reggies as he did last night.

    Just cause the season is nealy over for the Eels, opposition won't go easey on us and there is no reason for him to be at risk till his ready.

    I think fans just want to know is he our future nine, right now no, a full season in Reggies fine tuning his game and of season learning his body is what he needs. So for mine next season you start bleeding MA.

    • Disagree Graham, he will learn more in FG, it is well accepted that if you are a designated player with outstanding potential, get them straight in. Mahoney, Brown, Penisini being examples.....MA has more potential than Talagi and he is playing first grade.

      Of all the young hookers I have seen come through in the past 60 years, I have not seen a more promising one. Mahoney was good, but I see much more depth in this kid. He was an outright General in that game last night, wonderful vision.

      • Pops I agree with the kids potntional, his long cut out ball to the kicker on the 4th was from a thinking dummy, especially as the end result was QLD tackled on there line.I just don't think there's any gains for Matty with throwing him into FG to show him what it's like. He already knows its heavier and faster Let him finish a full season of Reggies playing against bigger men.
        Every game he plays his learning every training his building his body.Every Reggie player knows it's  a big step up to FG.

        If he did get 10/15 what is he going to learn, certainly not game management or playing under fatigue, he will gain more with a full preseason training in the FG system.
        His body is not ready for first grade, his just started full on weight training. Always a risk of injury, dose a collar bone or shoulder out for 8 weeks nealy half of preseason.
        Leave him in Reggies were his learning what he can do, how to run a forward pack, his kicking game. And also building his body for the step up to FG.
        Full preseaso preparing for FG, training with our FG. Then his ready for 20/30 every game. Hands should be our starting 9 in 2025 with Matt giving him a breather.

    • If season is over that's all the reason to take the risk. Got nothing to do with opponents going easy, rather them not so he knows what to expect.

  • Give him a taste of it either during origin period or later on; he is one to keep and is tough. He will get stronger over the next 12 months and more. Even the big poly backrower who played Origin can bide some more time but bring them on. Penrith have the two brothers albeit backs who they will elevate too. Chevy from Canberra is good too.

  • No.

    Our first grade team is coachless and going like shit.

    Why ruin his confidence by putting him in a losing team.

    Leave him in reserve grade to hone his skills and play in a wining team.

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