Didn't get to watch the game live. Was listening on radio while stuck in the long weeking traffic back into Sydney. Watching the replay, I had a couple of looks at the Harper no try at around the 11 minute mark where he had a foot on the touch line coming back into play. Should the Bunker have had a closer look at  Aidan Sezer involvement - tackling/pushing Harper into touch without the ball, prior to him regathering. Sezer wasn't trying to tackle him in the motion of kicking. He took him out of play briefly by running him off the ball chase after he had kicked. Could have given Eels another attcking opportunity?? Whether they could have done anything with an extra opportunity remains debatable.

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  • Good question. There was another incident where Papali was deliberately holding back a player think it was Harper when Gutho scored a try and I reckon it was definitely a professional foul. He should have had at least 10 in the bin and a possible 8 point try in my opinion. The referee wasn't that great.Tigers were good but definitely got away with a lot especially holding down players trying to slow the play the ball 

    • Surprised they didn't rule an obstruction against Eels for coming into contact with a defender.

    • That is not how the rules work mate. If a try is scored despite a professional foul, the player does not go to the bin. 8 point tries are only given if there is foul play after the try is scored.

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