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I said a few days ago the reason why BA let Potter go is because he was set to meet with Flanagan (BA & him are good mates) to discuss the possibility of him potentially joining the Eels as a an assistant coach. Watch this space... there’ll be plenty of suitors for Flanno but the Eels are interested. 


The National Rugby League (NRL) has advised Shane Flanagan he will be eligible for registration in the NRL as an assistant coach for the 2020 and 2021 seasons.

Mr Flanagan’s eligibility for registration will commence from 18 December, 2019.

Mr Flanagan’s registration is contingent on he and any future employer complying with a range of conditions set by the NRL.

NRL chief executive Todd Greenberg today met with Mr Flanagan and advised him of the decision.

Mr Greenberg said the NRL had created a path for Mr Flanagan to return to coaching.

“I have spoken to Shane at length and he has expressed significant remorse andaccepted responsibility for his past actions and the detrimental impact they have had on the game,’’ he said.

“We have created a pathway for Shane to return to the coaching ranks. Today’s decision gives Shane an opportunity to be registered in the NRL.

“This is not a set and forget approach. Shane and any future club who employs him has numerous conditions which they must comply with and the Integrity Unit will continue to monitor his conduct over the next two seasons.”

Mr Flanagan said he was pleased to have the opportunity to seek registration and would consider his options over the coming months.

“Today I met with the NRL and I both respect and accept the course of action they have taken,’’ he said.

“I look forward to returning to the coaching ranks, firstly as an assistant coach and hopefully one day a head coach again.”

Mr Flanagan has been told the NRL will give no consideration to expediting his return to a head coaching role beyond today’s decision.

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  • Would be perfect if we get flanno at end of BAs current contract he will be available to coach . I think this will be BAs last contract with us as he would have been 8 years , only the elite who smash it with comp wins last that long , also by that stage the squad will require a new voice , but like how we got stale with smith after 10 years

    • FMD. We re going well. Kennys planning a new coach.

  • Great bonus especially if Arthur and him are mates.

  • Is it a good idea having 2 alphas in the one and two positions? To me this looks to be fraught with danger - a bit like signing 2 high quality number 7's who are the same age and have the same experience, and trying to somehow fit them both into the team.

    The club, from a culture standpoint, seems to be appraching nirvana at the moment. I really don't think this would be a good idea.

    • Depends on what his role will be, if it's a junior pathways specific role it would work well, flanno has produced a few good quality juniors in his days at the Sharks 

    • Barret and Mundine. Just doesnt work.

    • BA an Alpha Kram???  He looks like he’s straight from Cuck city with Snake.

  • This makes little sense. Unless Flannigan has signed with Parra, or he has agreed to come to Parra, why would he sack Potter before Flannagan commits to the eels?

    • Also, Potter wasn't an assistant coach. Didn't he have some other development role? I thought the assistant coaches were Murphy and Kidwell

  • Very much doubt it but happy to be proven wrong.

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