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As the title reads, I think this will be a make or a break year for both BA as well as Moses. And tbh I cant see either keeping their job, maybe Moses on a much smaller contract, maybe. I think the Eels should really entice Flanagan to be Head Coach and offer BA an Assistant role. My theory is would Shane Flanagan have pulling power over players like Kyle Flanagan, Blayke Brailey, Bronson Xerri ect from the Sharks? They are in salary cap trouble and if we can land Flanagan as Coach then I'm confident he would entice players over to Parra. Not to mention that Flanagan is a damn good coach and his son sure is 1 hell of a good up and coming playmaker. Thoughts? 

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  • Say what you want about Flanagan but it would probably worth signing him just to get his son over here

  • Totally agree, big Flanno fan here, he's got the runs on the board and a lot of solid upsides.

    I dont think he'll be out of the game long, in the big scheme of things it wasnt a real bad offence.

    Soon as he's allowed back we should go after him..

    Problem is we might be needing somebody well before then.

    • He'll never coach in the NRL again. The NRL is determined to make an example out of him.

      • rubbish

      • Totally agree Brett. Flanagans time as an NRL coach is finished. Hes had his chances and blew it through his own decietful choices. 

  • I personally would like Holbrook or Kevin Walters but flanno would be the best available option.

    I suspect by later in the season Potter will be interim coach till a new mentor is in place

    • I wouldn't go near Kevin Walters.

  • Flanno would be a good choice. Ennis would of been helping us instead of canberra for eg. 

    As for other coaches rumours are Jim Dymock , Trent Barrett and Holbrook would be in the running. 

    Going to be a interesting season. 

    • These fans backing Holbrook for the job have no idea.

      At NRL level Holbrook has proven NOTHING.

      Nathan Brown was a hero coach in the ESL ffs. There's a massive difference between looking like a God in England compared to the competitiveness of the NRL.

      Shane Flangegasket has done his time and has been caught twice in a matter of years of being dodgey.

      Yeah, let's sign the Flange.

      If indeed we do require a new coach in the near future, I'm hoping we aim higher than some powder sniffing, cheat laden, washed up, I'll do whatever it takes to win including illegal substances etc.....idiot.

      We should have signed Madge, but let's just see how things pan out.




  • Justin Holbrook is our man IMO, he's been a graduate of out systems and Brian Smith. Also spent some time at the Roostes, he's done well everywhere he has gone.


    Flanno can coach and would be a good choice, he's a good recruiter but not sure when he would be allowed back and we will need a replacement for Bushy sooner rather than later.

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