Semi Final Team List v Panthers

1. Clint Gutherson

2. Haze Dunster

3. Will Pensini

4. Waqa Blake 

5. Blake Ferguson

6. Dylan Brown

7. Mitchell Moses

8. Regean Cambell-Gillard

9. Ray Stone

10. Junior Paulo

11. Shaun Lane

12. Marata Niukore 

13. Nathan Brown




14. Will Smith

15. Isaiah Papali'i 

16. Bryce Cartwright 

17. Ryan Matterson




18. Makahesi Makatoa

19. Oregon Kaufusi 

20. Tom Opacic 

21. Jakob Arthur




INs: Ryan Matterson

OUTs: Makahesi Makatoa


Referee: Ashley Klein

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  • Good side only thing is we look light on the bench. Perhaps Matto will play prop?

    • More likely Lane will shift to the middle when Matto comes on to play edge I reckon. 

    • Can't believe Jakob Arthur is again named in the 21.

      Dads trying his best to get him in there.


      • Agree Scott. I find is VERY hard to believe JA is in our top 21 players. 

        I guess he is in to cover for the spine? But so is W Smith. And I would prefer literally anyone else to JA. Rankin, Perham, anyone. 

      • It's called common sense if one of the halves get injured we need another 

      • Any comments on the 17 players that will actually be playing, Scott, or just being a dunce again as usual?

        • Have you met a fucking dunce Brissy?

          They can't just stop being a dunce.

          It's what they are....they are fucking Dunces.

          Asking them if they are being a dunce makes me think that you may be a .....


        • No, they will dig till they find a negative

      • Scott, he could have named Mr Bean at 21 - it doesn't matter - how many times in the history of the NRL has the bloke named at 21 actually started?

        • Mr Bean was actually a pretty handy utility coming off the bench for the Clap Hill under 12s in the Kent League.

This reply was deleted.

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