• Canberra can offer Sanders something we cannot, full-time FG in 2024.

    That alone convinces him. If we keep him then great but he's still only going to be a back-up, even then Asi would get first nod at replacing Brown or Moses.

    Just time to move on, cannot keep them all, we have our future halves.

    • Looking at what Ricky has done to Savage and other young talent still waiting for a shot in nsw cup Sanders should be very wary. They've also just signed weakes to play 5/8. 


      if I'm the eels I probably do look for a player swap with raiders but for one of their better backs. 

    • Being the Eels Messiah - the halfback we have been waiting for since Sterling is better than what Canberra can offer - if he is good enough. Does not look like we will break the drought before he plays NRL and whoever leads us to the next Premiership will be an immortal

      • Cause being hailed the next Sterlo has never caused young Eels halves any problems, has it ?

  • Bob O'Reilly made his first grade debut at 18 years old. Geoff Starling was 18 when he played for Australia. I have read all the arguments against throwing coin at Sanders but just like a house, the value is what someone else is prepared to pay. There is also the problem of putting bums on seats next year after a shit year this year. Dylan to fullback, Sanders to half and Gutho to centres. That will help to put bums on seats. Moses on one side of the field and Sanders on the other. Kicking options on both sides at any time. That is a dangerous side taking shape and will put bums on seats. Still need some outside men. We don't need to overthink this. Get it done.

    • this is doable and definitely will get bums on seats. however i dont think BA will agree to this

    • Yes. Although be prepared for the 'Moses and Brown cannot be separated' crowd. 
      Brown can play centre and leave Gutho at the back. 
      I've always said that Moses should play 6 and we can play Sanders at 7. 
      Sanders may not be something special but he just maybe is ... 

      • Maybe so your removing a great 6 for a Maybe yep that makes plenty of sense for the fantasy football crowd.

        • So you are happy with the crap our team served up this year? I am not. Things need to change


          • Ask yourself why they were crap.Your description is so generalised it's farken pathetic.Go ask yourself what it's like if we have our best 17 consistently then get back to me.

            FFS bringing in a kid with zero farken FG experience is a recipe for farken failure moving out the proven best defending half in the comp and replacing him with Sanders is another stupid move.Moving players just because.How the fark is this improving our team just how.

            Thank fark these ideas stay on a MB because what your suggesting is footy suicide.

            Hey but let me guess Sanders comes in and becomes the next Cooper Cronk off the bat yeah dreams are free.

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