Round One Team Prediction

I reckon one of Matterson and Lane to miss out. The depth in the team next year is outstanding

  1. Gutherson
  2. Simmonson
  3. Blake
  4. Penisini
  5. Dunster
  6. Brown
  7. Moses
  8. Paulo
  9. Mahoney
  10. Campbell-Gillard
  11. Papalli
  12. Niukore
  13. Brown
  14. Cartwright
  15. Stone
  16. Matterson/Lane
  17. Greig

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  • 1. Gutho 2. Dunster 3. Blake 4. Penisini 5. Simonsson 6. D.Brown 7. Moses 8. RCG 9. Mahoney 10. Paulo 11. Lane (for his combo with D.Brown) 12. Matto 13. N.Brown 14. French/ Rein 15. Cartwright 16. Papali'i  (need him on the bench to create impact ) 17.Niukore (need him on the bench to create impact)

    • Sneaky. Am I missing something with French?

      • If he comes this year L3gEnd I'd have him come off the bench similar to Pap at Melbourne when he first started. He's pace would really trouble tired forwards and provides cover if injuries happen.

  • Starting 13 I reckon is set, my bench is Lane, Kaufusi, Matterson & Carty

    • Gonna be a bit of tussle between Kaufusi and Makatoa I reckon.

      And I think one of Niukore or Papa is coming off the bench next year. 

      • I think throw Greig in the tussle as well - it may well be a horses for courses approach.



    1. Guth

    2. Simmo

    3. Blake

    4. Penisini

    5. Dunster

    6. Dylbro

    7. Moses

    8. Jnr

    9. Rein

    10. RCG

    11. Matto

    12. Lane

    13. Brown

    14. Carty

    15. Kaufusi

    16. Niukore

    17. Papali'i

    Use Papa and Niukore as prop rotation as we don't need to prolong thier careers with us anymore.

  • I'd start Matto at 13 brown to bench 

    • I agree with you, I like the look of Matto at lock & it's time to use Brown off the bench

    • agree

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