Round 22 Team List v Titans

1. Gutherson 

2. Sivo

3. M Jennings

4. Blake

5. Takairangi

6. D Brown

7. Moses

8. Evans

9. Mahoney

10. Paulo

11. Lane

12. Ma’u

13. N Brown



14. Terepo

15. Gower

16. Alvaro

17. Niukore



18. Moeroa

19. G Jennings

20. Utoikamanu

21. Smith


INs: Terepo

OUTs: Moeroa 

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  • Finally Moeroa is out, he was terrible against the Knights but needed to be demoted 8 rounds ago, good luck at the Warahtahs Tep the private school boys dont play as hard youll do well. 

  • Looks good, Just need to remove Alvaro for Utoikamanu. Yes Moeroa is not mentally with us. He has already left the building.

    • Agree Dirk

    • I'd love to see the young bloke get a run, Dirk. 

      • Not too much risk blooding him against the titans. 

      • Yes me too. Not sure what is in Brad's mind. This game would have been ideal to bring him on if we have some points buffer in the second half. Maybe next week??

  • That’s a relief. Few players looked to be sore and hobbling towards the end but all there yay!

  • Thank GOD Moeroa is dropped. He adds NOTHING to this team and plays like his injured. 

    • I think he is not trying knowing he will be out the door in 5 weeks. He has had plenty of head knocks and got a big contract with waratahs. He knows the head knocks have messed him up and now he is protecting himeself and his new employees. He is a playing like a bench player in Wenty instead of a destructive wide running edge player. If he wanted to be in the team with his ability he could easily be in front of Alvaro. Sometimes players boycott playing because they are shitty. It appears TEPS is done.

      I am glad he is no longer on the bench he is just not putting in.

  • Why God is Taka and Alvaro there why.

    I've prayed. I sacrificed. Ive leaked images.

    I've poo pooed Rothfield and Wielder. Why ?

This reply was deleted.

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