Round 13 games

The Warriors showing the cheat code to attack Manly. Basically keep going to Suli for 3-4 tackles, bunch Manly up as they try to protect him, then spread a couple wide passes to their left and Bob's your uncle. Two easy-peasy tries for the Warriors following that strategy.

PS George Jennings despite a try, up to his old "out of position" or "missing tackles" best. I'd pay never to see him at Parra again.

PPS BA should make a raid for Jack Hetherington. After all the Panthers are our player development club :P

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            • That was my understanding of the rule as well Daz.

            • Well it did go more than 10m, and Adam Reynolds actually ran backwards for a metre or so in an effort to get onside, and there wasn't any Broncos within coo-ee of the ball when Reynolds got to it.

              You could make the case for a technical offside, but I'm satisfied that it was the right call on balance.

              • The kicking player has always been abe to run players onside.

                Not a problem unless you do not understand the game and the rules.

                • Sir Col, imagine an extreme downtown scenario. Attacking player runs ahead and puts himself 11m from the kick receiver. Within 10 is automatically offside. Kicker chases through and gets to the kick receiver who has ran 1m and the downtown player moves in to the tackle. Is the downtown player offside?

                  • You must be a brilliant academic Prof - the higher the acedemic ability the LESS likelyhood of having any common sense.

                    Under the rules you have described a legal situation.

                    That was academic fukwittery at its best son.

                    • Sir Col I'm not sure that response is called for. It was a fair question. Politely asked. 

                      Here is another. Two attackers run through on a kick, A is offside and B is not. B challenges for the ball but A gets the rebound and scores. That would be called back for B being offside, I suspect. There are more conditions on the "active offside player" being put onside than what their onside team-mate does. I was asking about those conditions.

                      I'll leave it up to you to decide who is being a fuckwit in this exchange. But we both know who ditched civility.
                      Hope you're doing well. 

                    • Don't be so sensitive Daz, Sir Col is taking the piss 90% of the time.

                      The last thing we need on here is to argue using academic assumptions, just say it as it is! You won't scare so many people away with /for arguing with you that way.

                      You mist realise how intimidating you are to many on here!


                    • Poppa, bit of a double-standard, then? I've gotta be well behaved lest I'm arrogant, others get cart blanche?!

                      Oh whatever, if I had a dollar for every time someone said academic and common sense sit in an inverse relationship, I'd be a millionaire. Yawn, why is common sense so often reduced to refusing to think anything through respectfully and reasonably?!

                    • Don't worry Daz, you don't intimidate me - I reckon you're just a big teddy bear :)


                    • Oh Kram, thanks mate. You know you want a cuddle. Mwa!

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