Are risking too much after looking at other 9s teams?

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  • It's meant to say "Are we risking .....

    • Well edit your blog title, chumpion.


  • A bunch of them will be rested for the trial which is probably all rained out or on a shit field. It's also 9 minutes and a lot of them won't play more than three games. 

    • No rain forecast for 3 months , temp around 30 c .

      Welcome to Perth 😃

  • You know they can get hurt warming up? This is a comp, they get paid to win. Better than getting hurt in a trail for nothing. Stop the bloody whinging!!! 

    • Even training drills and practice games at training are as intense lol. 

    • Tim do you ever stop whinging about people whinging?

      Do you ever stop telling people what to do and say?

      Its every single day you do this.

      Mate lets be fair, you are the biggest whinger here and daylight second, no offence, just reality.

      • I’ll say that goes to you & Fong without doubt. With your shit post about nothing to do with football or getting personal with people like Poppa. It’s a football team, sponsors expect the team to do well, we wait to see them in action, we but tops, join the football club to see th m win. Not bring out a reserve side just to make up the numbers. If they get hurt that’s football. In the 80’s do you think the Panasonic sides were worried about getting hurt? Lol you of all people talk about wingers ha ha, you whinge daily with a few others about the coach, the players, the club! Joke!! 

  • Yes I believe we are risking too much. So are the Cowboys and Sharks. And probably a few other sides I haven't taken a look at. 
    Yes players can get injured in warm up, or training or trials etc. But those are things a player MUST do as part of the job as an NRL player. 
    But playing in a 9's comp is not compulsory. It's a very unnecessary risk for a key player. 
    Roosters, Raiders, Manly, Storm aren't risking their seasons for a 9's tournament. 
    If Eels lose Moses, Cowboys lose Taumalolo, Sharks lose Johnson then their seasons are over before they begin. 
    The NRL is one of the toughest comps in the world to win. You need your best on the paddock every round to have a serious chance of getting to the GF. 
    some players are just simply too important to a team to risk in a sideshow tournament. 

    • Muttman: Yes, I agree with this sentiment but we are dammed if we do and dammed if we don`t. If they don`t play the Nines they play the trials and can get injured there. Some have advocated not playing trials but if you go into a competition without match fitness you are almost bound to be injured. I have been watching the replays of the Nines on Fox. Saw the Eels win the Nines last night. They came away with a prize of about $ 300,000! Not bad for a sideshow tournament and, I presume, a nice little earner for the players.

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