Rhyse Davies

Davies has been upgraded and added to the  top 30.Apparently been training as backup hooker or perhaps even the utility roll in the 17.Haven't seen him play but his stats are good as no.7 for Wenty.He has been training the house down and has deserved his spot or we just couldn't find anyone else . Would be on peanuts, Hopefully he goes good for us.

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  • According to 60's preseason reports he's been training as a back up 9 & 7. The coaching staff are extremely impressed with his work ethic, (he actually beat Gutho in one endurance run), and his defensive technique. At 23 he's a bit older and bit more mature than say Jaemon Salmon. Don't be surprised if he is a bolter for Round 1.

  • Salmon hasn't really kicked on.wonder if any other clubs have or will show any interest? I  mean he's not terrible just not great is all.

    • Should go well at the Tiggers then.

    • The issue is that no one is really sure what his best spot is yet.

    • You would think its a make or break year for Salmon, especially with us having Andrew Johns around coaching the boys.

      • I don't think its make or break for him yet, he's only just turned 21, he's still very young. I just think he & the coaching staff need to find out what his best spot is. He made need to go to another club to figure that out.

  • Davies has been giving Gutho a run for his money at training. He is being moulded into a back up 9. My opinion is that he will be a very valuable utility or 9 replacement in the near future.

  • Was not impressed with him at halfback in the Wendy grand final - esp his game management. But he seems a strong player and could make a good hooker.

    • Wile E.  I thought Davies tried a bit too hard at times in the GF, his overall kicking was ok although he made a couple of bad misses, one at a critical stage before then end which led to Newtown scoring, had he kicked that goal Wenty would have won the game.

      He did make a couple of other poor reads but I have seen a lot worse than him, given his reported efforts and now being signed to the NRL squad after the coaching staff saw how well he was applying himself at training, also seeing some video on his game especially tackling he is a good back up signing, with Joey also being a mentor to him he provides good backup.

      Other aspect is that Lamb seems to be a big blank on the team page, so Davies may be his replacement.

  • Hey eggman, I have watched him play a few games for Wenty, he is pretty handy, kicks pretty well, pretty nippy, supports well and a good front on defender. I think he might be a handy option at dummy half for 20 minutes to give Reed a rest.

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