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The top teams of the compeitions have started to rest some of their key players in order to keep them refreshed for the final series. BA hasn't chosen to rest any of his players. Only Mahoney has been given a short break, however thats only been due to his injury. Paulo, Lane and RCG could easily need a break because they have been playing every game this year whilst Matto and Brown have had a few breaks through their concussions and suspensiosn respectively. It can also be argued that Sivo needs a week off so he can recpature some of his form and get more involved in the games like he did last year. 

It has been no secret how bad our attack has been the past couple months, but could this also be the reason why BA hasn't chosen to rest players. Whilst other teams attacking games our flourishing, our attack has been the worst in the NRL since round 9. So is BA trying to use the remaining 2 games of the season (which are against weak sides) to develop on attacking combination and kickstart our finals campaign. 


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  • We need to win both our final games. That's all. If we'd beaten the Dragons (like we absolutely should have) he'd have probably rested a few this week. 

  • can rest them during the training week he might next week 

    • Last time we didn't practice defending at training we lost 38-0. So without any training at all maybe 50-0.

  • Chooks Coach rested / benched Flanno ,JWH and others, they came back pumped! 
    All the chooks weee on notice

    He is deadset the best Coach in any comp in this country

    • Hell No!! Bellamy is the best coach in the NRL. Aubo just has the luxurary of using a team stacked with rep players. 

      • Nup   When they go a 3'peat  and that's a big if , he'll outdo Bellyache, storm stripped of premierships under Bellyache   

    • Marty, Flanno wasn't rested, he wàs dropped. Lam was promoted then got injured, Flanno regained his spot.

      • I did say rested / benched  Wong

    • He's a myth Marty,, as I said in another blog Stevie Wonder could coach that team. Its easier to rest players when you have internationals missing selection in your top 17!!! We don't have a Politis so we don't have the luxury of resting players to bring in another rep player.

      • Nah your wrong there mate, he is the best

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