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Reed Mahoney ?

Great debut tonight, obviously B.A, thought so left him out there. Made a few errors , thought defensively he was great, didn't over play his hand in attack either. 

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  • Was good with the service and picking a few moments to have a run. I'm sure fatigue played a big part in those errors, but playing in these types of games (having to grind a win) will do him a world of good.
  • Threw a couple of forward passes out of dummy half but he had been on for a while and tackling hard so I dare say he was a bit fatigued by then.

    Showed enough to jump ahead of King and Pritchard in the pecking order.

  • He looks a bit like Chad Townsend so hopefully that hairstyle bring us similar fortune.
  • Arthur said he left him out there because he didn't want to waste an interchange he felt was better utilised for one of the bigger forwards. In saying that though, surely Arthur new this prior to going into the game. As such he new or at least expected to leave Mahoney out there for 60 minutes. Despite a couple of wayward passes he looked instantly better than what we have. Enthusiastic, fast and didn't shy away from defence (not that our other hookers do).
    • I never judge a player on his first few games, or even his first season. Wait till he has played 15 or 20 games and teams start scouting him a bit more, then you find out where his strengths and weaknesses are.

      I'll give him until about round 5 next year before the usual muppets start calling for his head because he's not banging down the door for Origin selection by then.

      That said he looked promising.

    • Lol so true
    • Polite way of saying King was lucky to play the 20 he did

  • Thought he did a very good job for his NRL debut.. let’s hope Arthur keeps giving him more opportunities over King and Pritchard.

    • Arthur really doesn’t like King. Maybe 9. Mahoney 14. Prichard going forward
  • Massively impressed! At the very least I already consider him our best 14 option.

    Kicked out of dummy half, his service was good until fatigue got to him, and looked far more creative than some of our other options.

    I said before the game that I saw a combination of Stone/Mahoney as our really good fit for the club going forward, and this only served to back that up. I think like Kaysa, who puts a lot of effort into his contact, Mahoney is going to struggle to play eight minutes, and I think a rock-solid defender like Stone, who can play the first 20 minutes, and then come back on in the second half as a forward replacement, is the perfect balance.

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