Redcliffe dolphins

What a great day, with the announcement of the mighty dolphins being named as the league's 17th team. I've been a eels supporter since a young fella but have been living in the Morton bay region since 2010. They have been my Q cup team since moving up here. It will be weird having a split alliance come 2023.

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      • Actually it definitely could. I have been to fiji many times and am always blown away by the talent their. Suva stadium is decent and they love to play. If the right people get involved it could. Nadi isn't that far away from Suva either. No more nsw sides we want to grow the game and having another side based their even from another country wouldn't be the best idea. 

        • I'm not talking about talent, I'm talking corporate support. There simply wouldn't be any. Not enough to support an NRL team. 

  • It's great news and given Redcliffe RLC was established in 1947, this new Franchise has some legacy on day 1. I think they'll be a strong addition to the comp.  
    I'd still love to see a Bears team somewhere. Such a great brand, still plenty of Sydney support. It's better than the Firehawks or whatever new name with no history they pluck from the air. I don't care where. The Perth Bears, the Wellington Bears. 

    • If I had my way the Bears, Magpies, Jets & Steelers would all be back. 

      • It's criminal the Steelers were forced out of the comp the way they were.  They've produced 90% of the relevant talent for the Dragons since the takeover , not to mention the oodles of talent spread accross the rest of the game from the south coast. 

        • During the early 90's I was sick and tired watching us getting flogged I started supporting the steelers whenever they came to Sydney Id go and watch their games - they played good brand of footy and had some really good footballers wishart, mcgregor, rodwell, Ian Russell and the spaghetti brothers 

          • How good was Ian Russell. Silky skills and totally underrated.

            • Agree, Ian was underrated very skillful 

              Players are too programmed these days

            • 9700549101?profile=RESIZE_400x

          • Don't forget John Simon. Considering they were a team made up largely of local park footballers who progressed through the local comps and many managed to break through into rep footy without all the fanfare the Sydney players got , it's sad to think what the Steelers could've been if a coach like Brian Smith hung around a little longer and injected a couple of ready made stars. 

            Bruce Gordon wanted to support the Steelers at the time but the fucking NRL forced the dragons " merge " because the Dragons wanted our players. Saints wouldn't have survived long term without the Illawarra.  Ultimately Gordon had to buy half the fucking Dragons to keep them afloat otherwise we would have no footy in the Illawarra at all. 

            pretty fucking funny considering every Dragons supporter will have you believe that the Dragqueers saved The Steelers from certain death. Bruce Gordon could buy almost any club in the game if he wanted , he's worth over a Billion bucks and he's the bloke who begged the NRL to leave the Steelers alone. 

            The Dragons just wanted to get their hands on the young crop that were just about to break through for Illawarra, most of which became international and origin regulars.  

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